Sunday, June 12, 2011

Remembering The Internship Farewell @ Boston @ DeGarden, Ipoh

Last year (sorry for sharing old news again), I was so busy that I missed out the time and the energy to talk about my internship. However, I did give it a little closure over here (here). Anyway, since I was already (forced) planning to do my Master degree, there was a little requirement from Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) - it is required for a student to participate in an industrial-related field for his/her internship in order to proceed the course ( quite mafan, however, good to ensure the quality~). But, glad that I went through it last year, some of my friends are doing this year because they were having fun in UK last year~~~ Ooooo.

Oh well, about a year ago, my department gave me a simple and delightful farewell. As a trainee, I was so flattered! Again, after 1 year, I still can vividly remember the process and the product! Thanks!!!!! So, they took me to Boston at DeGarden. DeGarden is the hip place in Ipoh now! 



From the pics, the restaurant was quite nice and comfy! It was like a typical Hong Kong restaurant like Kim Gary. To be honest, their services were quite good. 


However, the food was a bit let down. The appearances were super duper nice! But, the taste was a bit plain!~But, it was a year ago~~Perhaps, they have improved?!~~~


Yes, they were my colleagues who showed me a lot! Thanks after 1 year??? Is it a bit too late? LATE BETTER THAN NEVER~~~

Will be busy again~~~~~~~~(><)



Superbearman89 said...

your supervisor leh?

KahJoon_AJ said...

hahah!late better than never!Liurve it!

btw,this wed gathering ok?/with kaiyee,kokleong wanna join??

Twilight said...

The interior is nice! I must check out this place next time! Ipoh's scene is getting hotter and lovelier to live there!

megarotk said...

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Xjion89 said...

[superbearman] The handsome guy with the specs^^

[Kah joon] thanks^^~~~go to support ur blog 2~

[Twilight] Of coz loh, the new place in town woh..hahahaha, u r frm Ipoh too?

[Megarotk] Thanks for dropping by^^~

Huai Bin said...

Oh yeah, I've heard a lot about Boston in Ipoh too. It's kinda like the place to be seen or something but I've never been there myself. Perhaps another road trip to Ipoh is due. ;)

Are you in Ipoh now?

Borneo Falcon said...

Have fun in your Master programme

ken said...

i think i only been the De Garden once or twice.. haha.. quite far from my ipoh home :)

Nava.K said...

lovely food and will try if at Ipoh.

Sebastian Workshop said...

It was really late...

Xjion89 said...

[huai bin] hahaha, u bet! juz another longer trip to Ipoh is enuf, mybe be juz 1 day..hahhaha, too bad , i am in KL nw~~

[Borneo falcon]quite stress nw~~thanks!^^

[ken] aiyo, Ipoh so small, nt far lah^^~~ u staying?

[Nava] hahahah, ipoh foodie the best!

[Sebastian] wat was late oooo?@!@

CazzyCazz a.k.a Micz said...

I love the 'lai char' from Boston!!! But i ended up staying up the whole night after that! Kekekekeke

Thristhan said...

I should give this place a try on my next trip to Ipoh. And you're right, better late than never :)

dUn_K said...

we banned Boston because their service was too slow, and the food quality was just so so during our first and last visit on yesteryear ... also most of the dishes were sold out even in the afternoon (Lunch hour)! wondering what they were selling that time. However, i congratulate to them cause they are still surviving !

Xjion89 said...

[Sebastian] omg, u mean the post~~i am so noob@@..hahahaha

[cazzy] hahaha, my mom is also like tat, cn't sleep after drinking coffee or lai char..^^

Thirsthan - thanks oooo^^ ~~hope u will like Ipoh more~`

dun_K - wow, seriously like tat. Out of lunch during lunch hour~~ so weird!!!!~~but, the area is nice mah, so , it is nt easy to tutup pintu..hahhaha

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