Friday, June 3, 2011

A Blog To Remember

It had been more than a week since my last paper. This year, the feeling is totally different! Unlike previous years, it is more like looking forward to seeing you again after the summer break. However, some of friends chose 3-year-course. Therefore, I am not going to see them after summer break. Well, we didn't actually say goodbye though even having the mini photo section for Chemical Engineering. Perhaps, it is better like that?

So, after deserting my blog for that long, I am finally picking up the pace and checking updates that I have missed for this long period. To my surprise, there are so many of my bloggers friends decided to either close their blog or set their blog into private. OMG~Just like that, I lost some interesting friends back here. Well, this is definitely not the 1st time. I have some bloggers which we constantly keep in touch via blog suddenly stop updating~ Maybe you are fed up with blogging? feeling frustrated in some moment?

Well, it is your blog~ I just wanna said that if you feel tired, just leave the blog alone~ Don't delete it becoz I believe that every blog contains some nice memories! Well, in my blog, I have a lot of crazy, happy, angry, sad, weird posts!!!! Don't just wipe out ur own existence~~~ If u wan to set it to private, rmb to invite me???~~~

To keep in touch, my friends, you are welcome to add me via my facebook@:


Sebastian Workshop said...

lazy to read English....But i still read it!!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

thanks for the support mate^^!~~~

cazzycazz said...

Hey, at least i am still around :D
It's really fun reading back the small details and memories of our lives..... At least this is the reason why i keep blogging.... ^____^

Happy blogging and keep blogging!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

yup, it is great to my fellow friends posting abt their lives~~it is a feeling that I am not alone in the blog world~~~^^

yeah, happy blogging and hv fun blogging~~

Kenny Mah said...

Hey there... First time visiting, and thanks for visiting my blog.

And don't worry about some of your blog-friends "tutup kedai" - it's not easy to maintain a blog, day after day, after all. But for every blog that closes, another on opens - and there's new "worlds" and lives to be explored, and new friendships to be made. :)

Wei Han said...

quite true. never delete the blog.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

[kenny] hahaha, thanks fr returning visit^^ Yup, what you said is true^^ nice meeting u , new blogger frenz^^

[Wei han] unless u desperately want to delete, but rmb to back up, next time can still upload bek..hahahaa

Nikel Khor said...

me me me

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahahaha, rmb dun delete ur blog when u r fed up with eating...^^