Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RasaMas = Rasa Malaysia??? @ Midvalley

Wow, just got back to my hometown today, I am so tired! It is time for me to detox and to refresh my healthy lifestyle. Right now, I am feeling so old like 30-year-old. Yup, it is really time for me to "bao yang" , if not, definitely will grow old super fast!

Anyway, this year is really a hectic day for me. Thank goodness I did my internship last year! Wow, already a year had passed! So, this year, I just wanna laze around perhaps? Hahaha, I have other plans just in case my summer internship this year is unsuccessful! 

Basically, Midvalley has become my second home! I spend almost 5 days per week at Midvalley this week. Yay, why? Because I finished my final exams this year. It is time for me to celebrate! What a crazy week! To some extent, I barely could remember vividly what had happened in this week. So, I want to blog down some of the fun moment in my life!

So, before going to the fun moment, let's go foodie again. Couple of weeks ago, I went Midvalley AGAIN~~~So, the usual eating places in MV for me are KFC, McD, and others. It was just so boring! So, I walked past restaurant near McD at the ground floor - RASAMAS. Oh yea, I think it is like a restaurant from AYAMAS????Can anybody tell me ????


I ordered the promotion set. From the pic, you can see that there were rice, veges, chickens, soup and drink for RM9.9 (excluding government tax and service tax). Well, the environmental was good, but, the actual dish appearance was a bit different from the ads. Nonetheless, the taste was fine! The chicken really tasted like ayamas chicken woh......

If you are sick of KFC, McD.....there are other options in Midvalley from expensive to expensive...hahhaahahah



Wei Han said...

lol.. from expensive to expensive. LOL. that's funny.

rasamas nice? i didnt even know there's rasamas in midvalley. probably there are many more other nicer dining place there till i overlook that. But i do know kl central has raasamas..and i'm always tempted to eat, but i didnt, for some reasons.

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, yup, that is really true mah~~~
can gif it a try~ memang like ayamas chicken loh~~^^

Nava.K said...

never heard of this place before, maybe a check out for me the next time at Mid Valley.

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, me 2~~juz randomly walk into the restaurant~~

kumfye said...

i always went to this place back in my olden days during college


Xjion89 said...

oooo, yup, sumtimes, when we moved away, there would be some places we had no choice but to leave them behind. But, u can oways go bek ^^

thanks for dropping by~~~^^