Friday, June 17, 2011

Malaysia - Truly Wasting Money Like Water

Wow, the world is falling apart! With mega countries facing natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, forest fires, and any unimaginable events, Malaysia is also taking a great "leap" in developing its tourism sector, building sector and etc.

  1. The dunno-how-many-million 100 Mega Tower
  2. The 1.8 million webpage development
  3. The ISTANA~~~Wow, that 1 is......
So, first of all, why do we need another higher tower when we already have KL TOWER and TWIN TOWERS as the perfect display representation of Malaysia as a strong country. Renting out a 100-storey office is totally not easy~~~ When people have a lot of money and time, they will start to think of crazy stuffs and unrealistic stuffs.

Halo, Can you spend the money in useful places like transportation development. There are still so many places could not be assessed by train. Why not put the money in good place? Use them wisely to create a nation with one of the best train system in the world since Malaysia loves to be No.1 ! Of course, before that, look at the current KTM performance, super duper lousy! Improve it 1st before do anything else!

Then, 1.8 million to create webpages. Ok, fine. If you need that kind of money to do publicity~ But, when it comes to facebook, the charge is FOC? You need to hire programmers and web developers to design the stuffs, I also get it! However, the thing is that the money is definitely not well-spent because currently only 30k ppl like the page. Liking the page doesn't mean that the tourism is good and making money even when the like hits 120K by the end of the year!

So, my suggestion is that instead of using such money, find sponsors like PETRONAS, AIRASIA, MAS....I believe they will be thrilled to give the money! Then, organise a National Web Developing contest to award the winner with suitable amount of prize money and honour! Like that, not only the money can be saved, government can even make money and attract more local talents to serve the country!!!!!~~~This is just a simple business plan. SO , are you telling me that this is not workable?

Lastly, I can hardly comment of the PALACE (Istana). So, they need a new place to stay? Oh well, instead of purely becoming a residential area, make it to be a grand palace that is accessible as a museum or even a beautiful botanical garden. If not, the whole lot of land there will be wasteddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Above all this, government is telling us that they don't have the money to send students to overseas anymore?????????@@ Speechless~~~



Superbearman89 said...

Don't know what to say already. The 1Malaysia concept is confusing, and part of the government is corrupted. And regarding the national web developing contest, I guess Dr.Ng Yen Yen has something to say. Haha

Twilight Man said...

Vote wisely otherwise migrate! I am going! You?

Zidane said...

what we can do just speechless.

Fresh Garden said...

Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

Nava.K said...

My lips are sealed on all those mentioned in this post.

Richard Ling said...

vote wisely in the next election. please register if you have not yet registered.

every vote counts.

vote to change.

I am truly disappointed with all those. when people asked about my country, i feel embarrassing to actually answer.

Xjion89 said...

[superbearman] i think everybody has something to say. Whether such investment is required, I think not necesssary! The reason why they use a lot, i am nt sure~~~

[Twilight] Really? Migrate to whre? Msia is considered the Paradise since it is free from most natural disaster. Me? Nt sure yet...hahahah

[Zidane] hahaha, speechless and rmb to register as voter to try to change such situation!~~

Fresh Garden - hahahaha, thanks~ in these days, better save the money rather than spending it without proper planning~

Xjion89 said...

[Nava] Well,wat can we say since the money is alredy poured . juz hope that money is well-spent next time. that's all

[richard] register already. Hopefully the situation will really change^^

Anonymous said...

i'm speechless or rather *scare to be outspoken like you* but i do agree with you points.. =)

Xjion89 said...

Actually, this post is just purely my comment on the recent politic news.

In fact, I didn't stir any sensitive issues. These news are accessible in newspaper and website.

Of coz, I hope to suggest some ways to improve the government spending, and to suggest a better country. That's all.

Twilight Man said...

Malaysia truly Asia, will be forever the same no matter how hard you work.

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, if Msia is like US~ so open ~~~