Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RasaMas = Rasa Malaysia??? @ Midvalley

Wow, just got back to my hometown today, I am so tired! It is time for me to detox and to refresh my healthy lifestyle. Right now, I am feeling so old like 30-year-old. Yup, it is really time for me to "bao yang" , if not, definitely will grow old super fast!

Anyway, this year is really a hectic day for me. Thank goodness I did my internship last year! Wow, already a year had passed! So, this year, I just wanna laze around perhaps? Hahaha, I have other plans just in case my summer internship this year is unsuccessful! 

Basically, Midvalley has become my second home! I spend almost 5 days per week at Midvalley this week. Yay, why? Because I finished my final exams this year. It is time for me to celebrate! What a crazy week! To some extent, I barely could remember vividly what had happened in this week. So, I want to blog down some of the fun moment in my life!

So, before going to the fun moment, let's go foodie again. Couple of weeks ago, I went Midvalley AGAIN~~~So, the usual eating places in MV for me are KFC, McD, and others. It was just so boring! So, I walked past restaurant near McD at the ground floor - RASAMAS. Oh yea, I think it is like a restaurant from AYAMAS????Can anybody tell me ????


I ordered the promotion set. From the pic, you can see that there were rice, veges, chickens, soup and drink for RM9.9 (excluding government tax and service tax). Well, the environmental was good, but, the actual dish appearance was a bit different from the ads. Nonetheless, the taste was fine! The chicken really tasted like ayamas chicken woh......

If you are sick of KFC, McD.....there are other options in Midvalley from expensive to expensive...hahhaahahah


Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Annual Dinner 2011 on April Fool!

These days, life is so hard. A year 3 student faces enormous stress. Some of my friends who chose 3 year course unlike me who chose 4 year course are leaving this year! Oh yeah, just like that, a majority of my coursemates are starting a new chapter in their lives. Haiz, a bit regret though, I should have chosen 3 years. Oh well, I don't really have any choice. Now, I am sure that a year 4 student will face nerve-breaking stress!

Stop with the ranting. Since there is 1 more year left before my own graduation, it is time to make a lot of great memories!!!!!!~~(^^) Starting with Annual Dinner 2011 at Sunway Hotel and Spa. Well, we were rushing to the dinner thanks to the stupid coursework submission on the same day and also the traffic jam!!!!~~


At last, after encountering a detour when the only road to Sunway was blocked, we took another route to the destination and thanked to my bro's GPS, we were saved(^^)


Well, obviously, the decoration in the ball room was amazing! We paid RM140 for the event! However, when we reached there, we were all worn out. My normal hyper-active energy was all gone. I just felt tired, sleepy and cranky! Not that I wanted to complain, everything was just a bit bland to me from the decoration to the food to the Emcee. However, friends will always be the best cure for all those stuffs^^!!!!



 Talking about the food, it was great at 1st. Then, everything just got worse! The second photos' food was just so too much! Vegetable + nuts. Oh my, of course, the 1st dish with the dragon fruit decor was really nice!

The Couple~~~~~
The gang

After dinner, it was the greatest moment of the annual dinner! Phototaking session~~~~~~ We were snapping like crazy(^^)! As the crazy/over/partime/dream to be wedding photographer, I took some photos that myself like very much ooooooo(^^)~~~ I was like doing a wedding shoot for them(^^) Of course, as a gang of friends who was going separate ways soon, we took a nice group photo before heading to Ministry of Sound (MOS).




I was a bit unsatisfied with this year annual dinner because everything was so pricey! Believe me, even the uni organiser sent out an email to explain (@@)........Not only it increased from RM120 to RM140, it also didn't include the after party ticket for MOS like previous year!!!!! Yes, price increased with less benefits~~~~~However, again, friends are the best cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let' have another great year my friend!
For those who are leaving, have a great future and don't forget to visit us when you all are freeeee(^^)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Time!

Wow, it had been more than 1month since my last post! Yup, I am just crazily


Year 3 is not an easy year! With coursework and exams pouring, it is so hard to find time to do anything else.(><) Oh well, I am just back for a while! Gonna say goodbye again because it is time to prepare for my final which is less than 2 weeks away! I din even touch a page ! Darn(><))))))))))~~~~

Till then~~~I send my kitty loves to you all!

This the kittens' mom! Yup, a strong will black cat who was stuck in pink plastic thinggy~~~ Me and my sis thought, maybe someone wanted to prevent her from giving birth in their house! So, they put a round thing around her! Poor thing! We tried to help her, but she was ferocious, and din even let us get close to her~~~
We can just supply her food and water!