Friday, March 9, 2012

Thank You (100) and "Dark Prince"


Life Update: It is crazy busy. But, procrastination seems to be always on my way. If I have the persistence, I would have finish my work. Anyhow, today, I have the persistence to take the public transportation. Yup, I think most people would know how horrible own countries PT. 

Anyway, I took a risk which eventually made me miss my uni bus. Yup, I decided to take public bus to my uni. Again, I took another risk. Oh well, guess what?! Nobody actually came to fetch me at the town area (Yup, really need to increase the number of friends, hahaha) Oh well, the friends just abandoned. me So, I decided to walk 3 km - 5 km only. 

When you thought everything is over, then, there came my "Dark Prince". Hahaha, sound so wrong! But, because of his generosity, I just hopped on his motorcycle; Yup, I was a bit heavy..hahahah~ Yup, today's lesson is "Persistence will reward in some ways"

Just like this almost closed-down blog, with some persistence, currently, there are 100 followers (^^). Yeah, thanks for the support ! Yup, I know this number is nothing compared to  Kennysia, ....other normal bloggers. But, it is a boost of support (^^)

Thank You "Dark Prince"
Thank You (100)