Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Ugly Truth of Bile Bear

Adapted from Sin Chew 2012

With all the hazy news recently, I was on a short escape back to Ipoh - A Heaven! Reason?! It is practically almost haze free. Anyway, to avoid the possible of exposure to air pollutants like CO,CO2, SO2, etc, I stayed inside my palace-feel home. 

In the midst of updating my blog, I found a horrible news from my photo albums. The Bile bear aka the CAGED BLACK BEARS.  Based on Sin Chew Daily 2012, it reported a news on the cruelty on the black bear as they were not only being caged and were forced to wear a corset-like device to extract their liver juice directly from their bodies!!!! It is basically like performing a surgery without anesthetics.....

What was more disgusting was that Fang Shuting, director of the China Association of Traditional clamied that the harvesting process as harmless as “turning on a tap” [1].

Regardless any living beings, with the body being cut open without consent, it definitely would not be like opening a tap. Another horrific news from China. Hence, it is urged to: