Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (4)

Continuing the foodie track, the next stop was Levain!!! I believe that this bakery is really famous and well-known to all! Yup, another nice place for dessert and lunch! Location of this amazing bakery is at a secluded   Jalan Delima! Totally have no idea where is it, I was only the passenger....hahahahaha~

Obviously, I think the decor in that place really plays an important role in attracting customers! With nice setting at the exterior, the interior design completes the total package with interesting paintings, display items,etc.

When you enter the bakery, it is practically filled with breads~~~ Yup, all sort of breads, you name it, you will get it (mostly). I really lost track of the name of the breads!

Of course, apart from breads, Levain also offers other type of food! Their spaghetti was exceptionally tasty! Totally in love with the seafood spaghetti on the right!

The breads were not only well-baked, they were so nice to look it until you would feel "What a waste to just   eat it"! Hahahahaa!!! 

Every month, they would introduce some new cakes/ breads. Yup,continual improvement, to be creative....
Maybe,that's is why this bakery is so successful!!!! Overall rating: 9/10.

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (5) - Awet Thai Cafe @ Cheras