Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New Year Resolution


Wow, I have been eating like crazy! Relatives are saying that I have gained some weights. It is time to lose those extra weights. It is not easy though with me in my final years. Oh yes, another 5 month, I will be free! But, the horrible FYP is still in my way!!!! (><) I just dug up some old photos! It has been a while since I post my fav photos on insect (Yup, I have a thing for insects@@)...Since it is CNY, this photo is so red, got the FEEL~~~Hope you all like it^^

This year, CNY, I have been a good boy cause didn't go out that much! Since everywhere is so jam, staying at home is still the best (^^). Still, my parent keeps me quite busy, going to the relatives' homes, jalan-jalan and makan-makan! Anyhow, I have seen a lot this CNY. It is quite not-a-good-feel CNY for me. Yup, I am rather moodless this year~

Oh well, my CNY resolution (since I miss my New Year Resolution), they are quite simple:
  1. Keeeeeep fittttttttttttttt, will try to lose 10 kg?
  2. Still enjoy some nice foodie around the blocks.
  3. All my friends and family are in good health. 
  4. Become more leng zai? How come 18 change nvr occur to me(><)
  5. Kill my FYP, instead of letting it kills me back!
  6. Have a super rest after FYP
  7. Have a great graduation!
  8. Travel a bit because nobody to accompany me (><)
  9. Take more photos! Yes, my little FS6 is having a lot of spiders crawling on it~~~@@
  10. Live happily ever after!!!!
Ok, I know that they are not realistic! Oh well, no harm wishing! (^^) And, again, I wish everybody a prosperous year ahead (^^) It is the DRAGON `````

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy (^ Dragon ^) Year

Wow, it is just to fast! 
Chinese New Year is almost here (^^) 


I am back to my beautiful hometown - Ipoh !
Apparently, right now, Ipoh is more jam compared to KL!
No kidding! (^^)
It is nice to be back!
But, it will never be the same CNY anymore!


This is my wishes to my blog readers, friends and family (^^)



Saturday, January 21, 2012

The 1st Post of 2012 - The Wikipedia Protest

I am finally back! There are just too much going on right now! I feel kind of drowning! Everything seems so vague! I don't really what to say or write. It had really been a long time since I type anything here in this virtual space. Just heard a bad news, will talk a bout this later. 

Even Chinese New Year is just a few days apart, the tiredness I feel now is still too overwhelming! Perhaps, I should go for another round of endless sleep. Imagine that 3 days ago, I have 1 assignment and 2 exams (@@)...And, when I need to find general info the most, WIKIPEDIA decided to protest for 24 hours @@~~~~~~~~

The concern is totally understandable. Therefore, a lot of bodies join the force! As you can see, even Mozzilla Firefox also showed some actions on their page! When Wikipedia become not free or available to the public, it would be a nightmare. I am not encouraging academic bodies to use Wikipedia because it is still a public domain. However, we can always know where to start and how to start using Wikipedia~~~~

Just another normal weekend. So, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR (^^)!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``