Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (3)

Super busy these days! Yes, working life is not easy. Food is really the sweet escape perhaps causing my body to go out of shape (><) Anyway, this time around, after the Dessert @ Remember To Eat, the sweetness of the dessert did not satisfy our "sweet" buds! 

Located at Kota Damansara, Dreamz Bakery was not easy to find at all because it is located at the 2nd floor of a building!  Yes, the signboard was quite small too! But, this didn't hinder us or anyone else to find it because its dessert is really good!!!!!!

A little story from my gossip gf: It was said that the owner and his girlfriend went to learn baking in Taiwan prior returning to Malaysia to set their DREAMZ come true. Not sure about the story, I am pretty sure their cakes are nice! Despite being a bit cramped up there, a lot of people still visit this nice shop! Totally love the decor there!!!!

Looking at the variety of cakes, we basically tasted most of the dessert there! My fav was the upper left! It was some sort of cream brulee (^^) Overall rating: 9/10

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (5) - Awet Thai Cafe @ Cheras

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (2)

This was the 2nd round I went to this famous stall. The Remember To Eat @ Kepong [1st time] is awesome famous! Yup, last time, I was indulged only into their desserts. Their famous desserts are as follow:

From left to right: Strawberry, Kiwi,Mange and Honey Dew

My fav was and will definitely be the Honey Dew as it was not too sweet and the taste was really refreshing! Of course, the others deserts including the peanut and sesame seeds (puree) were quite nice as well!

This time, I gave other delicacies as well. The fried dumplings were delicious and crunchy! For the paper chicken, it was almost as good as Serdang's paper chicken! Overall rating: 8.5/10.
Here it is! I am going to reveal the journey one by one following the links below! For now, some of the links are empty! No worries as they will be filled quite fast!(^^)

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (5) - Awet Thai Cafe @ Cheras

Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (1)

When my body can still digest almost anything, my unimates and I went on adventure of 5 meals in One day. Yup, right now, even drinking water, I could gain weight..hahahahaha~

The very 1st stop in the morning obviously would be the Dim Sum Restaurant! In this case, we had chosen to go for start at the Kuchai Lama's Jin Xuan HK. With that many people, we could try as many dishes as we wanted without spoiling our appetites later.

I truly think the Dim Sum there was up to standard. However, compared to the ones I had in Penang and Ipoh, it still lacks specialties in the dishes! The above was typically Dim Sum. However, the special one would be the LAU SA PAO (The yellow pao with dripping filling)..hahahaha, Yup (^^) Overall rating for this restaurant is 6.5/10.

The Serial Links of 5 Meals 1 Day Edition are here:
5 Meals 1 Day Edition (1) - Jin Xuan @ Kuchai Lama
5 Meals 1 Day Edition (2) - Remember To Eat @ Kepong
5 Meals 1 Day Edition (3) - Dreamz Bakery @ Kota Damansara
5 Meals 1 Day Edition (4) - Levain Boulangerie-Patisserie @ Jalan Delima
5 Meals 1 Day Edition (4.5) - Dun Egg @ Jalan Sayur 
5 Meals 1 Day Edition (5) - Awet Thai Cafe @ Cheras

Friday, February 15, 2013

Private Annual Fine Dining @ Westin Hotel

In the midst of Chinese New Year, I truly felt the festive season from head to toe. It is just that perhaps because of the older age, I think I am losing the festive touch.hahahahaha~ sound so old ^^ Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year again!

This time around, I am gonna to share a old piece of story during my uni days (Actually, just last year) So, as a chemical engineering class of 2012, we decided to throw ourselves a private annual dinner which costed us a leg RM200++. It was held at the Westin Hotel! Yup, high class-nya.hahahahaha! A final enjoyment before our FYP ends...

As usual, I spent a lot on the clothing which was not satisfactory at all because apparently, guys formal wears are so much more expensive than girls' dress! I arrived Westin Hotel after fetching two friends. 

As you can see, the setup was truly astonishing! Yup, totally classy and nice! The opposite of the room was actually Pavillion! We could see the building so clearly! The menu was simply unique! Despite the taste might  be suitable to all, I was having a fun time eating them (since so expensive, hahahaha).

The usual starter would be bread and butter! There were several type of bread available. My fav was the 2nd (^^). Then, came the 2nd dish which was the Seared Tuna and Scallops with Ruby Red Grapefruit and Orange Dressing! The taste was rather unique unlike anything I tasted before; but the sweetness from the Grapefruit actually spoilt a bit of the enjoyment. However, overall, it was quite nice!

The main course was Roast Chicken Breast Filled with Wild Mushrooms. The taste was fine but the meat was overcooked and the mushrooms were too dry. It was a disappointing despite of its well-decor appearance. Thankgoodness, its dessert saved the day - Vanilla Panna Cotta, Raspberry Compote and Ginger Crumble!  Hahaha, despite the price, the portion was really a bit small~ I came to a conclusion that Fine Dinner = Fine Particle!!!ahahahaha

Of course, the day was a day to be remembered as it was not just about food! It was the celebration of our 4 years hardship that was going to bear fruits (^^) Yes!

How are you all? 
Nottingham Malaysia MEng of Chemical Engineering 2012 (^^)?

Wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year! Have a great career and future (^^)!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Spider's Eyes

Sometimes, regardless of how many pair of eyes you have, you most probably have a blind spot. No one is perfect. Taken from Nokia 5730 Express Music! (^^)

Happy Chinese New Year (^^)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chemical Engineering Story: Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering

Being a chemical engineering student for 4 whole years, one of the essential lessons I have learnt is that always have Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering Series Volume 1 - 6. Hahaha! Yup, it is really a "bible" in chemical engineering. It provides an insight into chemical engineering designing from plant to equipment units. 

However, using this series for so long, I think I should appreciate and give credit to the group of elites who spent their life completing this amazing series! As a chemical  engineer student, how you ever thought of who is Coulson and Richardson?

Yes, the cover of one of the magnificent series. After doing some research, I found that from Wikipedia, Jack Richardson was a Professor at University College Swansea; sadly, he passed away 2 years ago. Yup, what a significant figure who really changed the chemical engineering world!

As for John Coulson, he was also a lecturer at Newcastle University; however, he passed away more than 20 years ago. Seeing the age gap between them, it was quite odd that they would meet up in the path of lives and worked together. It was truly an unexpected combination that eventually revolutionised the chemical world. The common point between them would be doing pHD in Imperial College. Perhaps, it was the place that brought them together.

Hopefully, after this passage, chemical engineering students would take more initiative to learn a little bit more on the authors of the book they will most probably use for the 4 years of university life. (^^)