Saturday, April 20, 2013

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (5)

At last!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end meal of the 5 Meals 1 Day Edition!!!!! Also known as 5 Meals 1 Day Edition (5).   For the final dinner, we went to Yulek Garden @ Cheras to try some Thai delicacies, Awet Thai Cafe!

For people who really know me, I am totally not a spicy person! Means, I don't stand spicy food! Anyway, for the purpose of the purpose, I opened my mind (literally) to accept the challenge. To my surprise, it was not too spicy and enjoyable too!!!

The Fried Kang Kung truly stole my heart!!! The Thai-Style Salad was quite nice too (^^) Yup, but, beware of the chili padi! The Coconut Soup was quite ok, a little bit spicy!!! Lastly,the Roast Pork (Chu Jing) was superb,hahahahah~~~!

Of course, there were the typical Red and Green Curry! I was quite surprise they tasted quite okay! But, I took a bit due to the spiciness.  Of course the meal wasn't completed with nice Thai-Style Fish! The Pandan  Leaf Tea was quite enjoyable too as it was totally good for cooling down the hotness of the food! Overall rating is 9/10. Totally worth the time and stomach regardless of the traffic jam there (^^)

There you have it !!!!! The full series of the 5 Meals 1 Day Edition (^^). Below is the complete list of the links for the whole journey! Enjoy the posts and embark on your own journey in venturing into foodie world.

5 Meals 1 Day Edition (5) - Awet Thai Cafe @ Cheras


Small Kucing said...

me sore throat now, cant eat any fried food... aiyo the posted here all i like leh

Duncan Kon said...

Haha ! The fried Kang kung is our all time favorite ~ next time you might try Pataya, somewhere nearby ah wet :)

Xjion89 said...

wait until u recover,ntg is more important than health ^^

Xjion89 said...

yuppppp! me 2! like it soooo much!!
Thanks for the recommendation(^^)