Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soya Lee, Icy Princess (2001 - 2012)

More than 1 year, she left us. Soya Lee, the Icy Princess who used to be around us all the time with her soft fur and cunning movement. Yup, she was always cute and always will be in our memories! I still remembered clearly how she ventured in our lives.

My sister and I went to buy something and as we passed by a vet clinic,there she was,looking skinny and happily playing with her siblings. Regardless of my mom's protest, my sis insisted to take her in. Just like that, she became Soya Lee.

While many people said that cats are not as loyal as dogs, I believe it is not entirely true. When I was preparing my SPM, she was there supporting silently (until she became so annoying). When I was down, she would just sleep on floor so cute that I forgot my problem instantly! YES, Her cuteness was simply irresistible.

 She had been always classy and babei all the time! Hahaha, but, that's why I love her so much as she was keeping her integrity! Yup, she didn't like people to cuddle her; over-cuddle would irritate her until she bite.

In 2009, she fell ill as she urinated blood.It was such a horrible moment to me. Medication was useless; therefore,she undergone a surgery to clear off the crystals in her bladder. I took care of her day and night that time until she fully recovered.

Times would never stop. In 2012 January, she breathed her last when her injury from a dog's bite became deadly. I wasn't managed to see her last and my parents didn't tell me her condition until she left me for 3 days. She was really waiting for me to see her; guess that I miss the chance to say goodbye as she passed away after 1 day I returned home. 

Reading back the childish posts I wrote for her, it was truly a good memory! Thank you Soya Lee for a great 10 years of companionship! Without you, life would be so dull and less interesting. You truly lit up my light. 

Recently, my coursemate of 5 years passed away due to cancer. It is still unbelievable as life is so unexpected. I still can't accept the fact like this. For someone you talk to for 5 years, just in a instance, everything changes. How sad to remember the days we spent for tripping and everything. I took his photo during the tripping, after presentation, etc......In this instance, I realised one point - We are all grown up, finally! 

Birth! Life ! Sickness! Death! >>> We are in life stage (growing up/ aging). Let's us appreciate our friendship, relationship,family.......because when it is gone, it is forever.

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