Monday, April 26, 2010

Cameron Trippin Prelude: Just Remember The Green

I wanted to update so badly; time is just too little. Just finished off the final assignment of the semester! I hate you - plant design! You are MOST TROUBLESOME coursework I have ever encountered! Then, it is time to prepare for my final, which is less than 2 weeks! Omg! omg! Omg! Omg!!~~~Having anxiety attack right now!. So, i wouldn't be able to update as frequently as I used to~~ But, keep supporting my bloggie^^~~

 Okay, enough complaining and whining! Let's talk about something that we all should be concerned about. When we were younger, it seemed like time moves so slow. Yet, now in my 21 (21 bday post), I feel that time flies! When I was young about 10-year-old, I learned about recycling! I learned about environmental conservative. Since then, I heard of recycling from Primary School to University! Yet, I have to say that a lot of Malaysians just don;t really talk the talk, or even walk the walk. As for me, I ain't a Saint; yet, I tried my best to recycle whatever I can ! However, the truth is not because of Malaysians can't or won't do it, it is just that the Government was never really consistent in their programs at all! How many policies the Government introduce were successful?~~~They can have advertisement in TV shows every day. But, without proper implementation, recycling in Msia would not work!

Oh well, this post was not intended to criticize any parties. But, sometimes, I just can't help to feel that Government did not do enough ! We did not do enough! I see people throw away plastic bottles instead of recycling it! I see people shaving with the water tap on! I see people on the lights even though they don't use it!Yes, I am getitng emotional! Let's take a step back. Everything started from the trip to Cameron Highlands last year! It had been ages since I went there. It really changed a lot! Yet, today, this post is more serious! It is not the happy tripping prelude!

Before this, everything was greeeeeeen!!!! I still remembered the dreadful and deadly mountain roads to Cameron Highlands. It took us don't know how many hours to reach there! But, when we finally reached there, it was a fruitful experience! I still remembered the beautiful flower cars carnival held every year! (Wonder why there is no news about this even? already been demolished?) Today, from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands, it would just take about 1 and half hours to reach there thanks or no thanks to development. Cameron Highlands has successfully transformed itself to a tourism landmark! But, it came with a price!
  • road construction means more cars there (Yes, it took us 3 hours to go back due to traffic jam). This would contribute to air pollution
  • more people staying there means more building which means more construction!-less trees on the highlands - increase the risk of landslide and soil erosion.
  • more people means more food - land exploitation for agricultural purposes.

From the pictures above, can't you see that there are more buildings there than trees and mountains! Can't you see that tourists left a huge pile of "pollution" there? It was so sad to see it with my own eyes! IT WAS DEVASTATING TO BE TRAPPED in the traffic jams. I believe that  a lot of people would rather take beautiful scenic pictures; but, if this is the truth, I think we all should show it to the world! Let's show the real situation to the people!Yup, before showing pretty pictures of a place, we must see the ugly side as well!

I am not discouraging development! But, instead, I support sustainable development! With proper planning and implementations, I believe that Cameron Highlands would be developing better than now! Like building the premises with proper site designs so that, the mountains wouldn't be over-exploited!

Do you believe in 2012 - the movie? Even though the movie was a bit sucky, I have to say that it really did a good job in warning us! Right now, there are horrible natural disasters around the globe - tsunami, earthquake, sand-storm, tornado, bizarre, volcanoes eruption!!!!! Malaysia is super duper hot like crazy!!!!!~~~

I think that we should blog more about environment issues! If everyone of us blog and spread the awareness, maybe, there might be hope for us and the future generations! Let's try to stop 2012 from happening! A small step would be good - start recycling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: Next post, trip to Cameron ! It was still fun even though I sounded so harsh in this post(^^) Goo Green!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My 200th - My 21 Birthday @ Hai Tong and Gasoline~~~

wow, I have been missing for 3 weeks! Yes, the reasons? The enormous amount of coursework and soon-to-come finals! Right now, I am having anxiety attacks constantly! Haizzz, life of an engineering students is a bit sad until I have no time to update about my 21 birthday which was couple months ago!  For this 200th post (finally), I am saving my 21 birthday for this^^~~~.

Well, if you ask me, what 21 means to me? I feel that nothing changes, just that I am getting older. I don't feel that I have more freedom. Instead, I am feeling that I have more responsibilities. Anyway, to me, birthday celebration is all about foods! Let's start the food fiesta!^^

Stop 1: Hai Tong Steamboat Restaurant @ Serdang [海塘生鍋@沙登]

my 21 bday

This is one of the famous steamboat restaurant in Serdang. I think a lot of people might heard of it^^.  The location is quite secluded! But, if you ask the people around Serdang, I think you will have no problem finding it~~~

my 21 bday

What I love about this restaurant is that there are a lot choices of raw materials. But, there aren't much of the already-cooked cuisine! This might be due to the restaurant also offers grilling-style of steamboat. Well, to clarify my words, let's look at the next photo!

my 21 bday

Yes, I think that me and my housemates were grilling food rather than steamboating! Haha, we GRILLED practically anything, everything, .....Yes, that's why from pics, there were a lot of the round round yellow thingy^^~~~ those were butter^^~~~~~

Rate: 7.5 / 10 ( Everything was just nice!)

Stop 2: Gasoline @ Time Square
Then, the next stop was Gasoline @ Time Square! Well, this restaurant, I have nothing to say!

my 21 bday

When we arrived, we were like invisible! The waiters were absent in sight! Then, my friends joked that the boss might want to save cost, so he employed less workers~~~haizzzzzzz~~~~

my 21 bday
The food there was normal and expensive, and not up to standard! Gasoline in Serdang is like 100 times better than the one in Times Square. So, even though they like franchise, this doesn't means that they would have the same quality and standard~~~~ But, the Secret Recipe Cheese Cake from my friends were super awesome!!!!!(^^) Thanks guys for the cake, but the words on the cake were.....uncommentable@@

Rate: 3.5/ 10 (Lousy Service and Food)

Stop 3:CUTie Kitty(^^)

my 21 bday!
Lastly, thanks for my sister and my housemate for the presents! I absolutely adore them^^
Haha, let's all have a great year ahead!~~~