Monday, March 23, 2009

The True Meaning of Life (1)

Sometimes, we just need to slow down!
[Thanks for supporting my blog even though I rarely update now!]
[When I have time, I would visit your blog for sure]

Colour up you life!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Release!!! I AM BACK!!! Again!!!!

Today, I have a 2-hour class. Then, I rushed to computer lab to finalise my assignment. Anyway, I am quite bad with assignments. I totally have no idea why. I edited the report until 1.25 pm and my groupmate helped me to pass the report. Again, I was rushing to catch the 1.30 pm bus. Lucky me, I was able to jump in.

When I reached KTM, I was also in a rush to the toilet! Again, when I came out, the train just arrived. Omg, I was rushing to get on the train. Then, after hours of ride in the commuting train, I reached Puduraya, and again, I rushed to buy the bus, I am slacking in my beautiful house.

Currently, super tired! I will update soon(^^)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

For Good Deeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Is Tedious?!

The life of an engineer is tedious! Definitely! If I have time, I would write a book about it. But, now, I am absolutely out of time!!! Therefore, right now, I am putting a notice:

"Blog Owner Will Not Blog For A Week or More"

Reason?! Well, today, I just handed in one of the most tedious coursework that I had done. It was more like something that I had experienced before[here]. I kept on doing iteration within iteration just to solve the questions. I had enough!

Now, the main reason that I am going to take some time off from my blog because:


Due Dates:
Monday - Process Engineering Project
Tuesday - Gas Diffusion Lab Report
Thursday - Mathematics Coursework
Friday - Hydroelectric Group Report

Yes, you did not see them wrongly@My life now is all about due dates. My life would also have a due date soon if assignments keep on "burying" me non-stop.

Therefore, in this short post, I would like to thank all my readers and friends for your supports. I did visit your blog to see your recent updates, but, I am really busy to reply or comment all. I am really sorry if I took too long to reply you. Now, I really need to start working!

Wish me luck and keep supporting my blog(^^)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Lion Dance That Came Late

Oh my gosh! I wanted to update my blog. But, I hardly have any time left to do that because of piles of assignments. Just now, I have received my mathematics assignment via email. Please lah!!! I still have 4 assignments in my hands. One is due next week! The others are due consecutive weeks. Yes, I will super busy until next month, I guess.

Okay, enough with my boring yet busy life story! Today, I would like to share something that happened long time ago! Haha, not really, it happened during Chinese New Year!!! As you can see from the title, I am gonna tell you all something about LION DANCE which did not come late during the CNY. But, the story came late to my blog!

sleeping lion
Well, the lion did not come late, but he was really drunk!!!! As you can see, he was very drunk at the beginning.

The reasons he got drunk:
lion food


He got big angpow!!!! and big bottles of beers!

roaring lion

At least, he was fierce for a while before he drank. hahahahah....

Here, I attached a beautiful video of the drunk lion.

lion dance drunk

He was finally down!!!! So cute!

lion dance food
Lastly, a beautiful pamelo flower "bitten" by the lion!!!

I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy,I am busy.Gotta work now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!