Thursday, July 15, 2010

WongKok@DeGarden, Ipoh (Not The Garden)

Before saying anything, I would like to thanks my friends, relatives, and fellow bloggers for your support for Soya, The Angel by The Window Side! A total of 198 votes/likes from you guys!!!(^^)

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Again, me and Soya thank you all again and again! Actually, I know that winning is not gonna be easy! So, let's it be! (Some pic got ++++++votes, crazy man). Hahaha, it is great to know that most of my friends, you for helping out!(^^)

Finish with the obsession of the contest, but, if you have time please support support, and clicks clicks..hahahaha. Yup, internship, this word is hugely -  - - boring! But, I tried my best to make the best out of it! So, I still remembers vividly before my job started, my gang went out for a small reunion at De Garden (Opposite Jaya Jusco). Personally, I think they want to capture the high class feel from The Garden lol!

wong kok ipoh
I think that the day we went was ngam ngam the opening of the Wong Kok restaurant. Yes, this is the 1st Wong Kok in Ipoh. Btw, the 1st Burger King in Ipoh was also at De Garden, but, it sucked big time until no worthy of my review - Reason - Portion of the burgers were superrrrrrrrr smalllllllll compared the one I had in KL.

wong kok ipoh

This Wong Kok is a bit different! All the menus are so colourful!~~~


Acutally, the drinks were quite nice! The dragon fruits drink not bad, the others also quite okay!~~

However, for the food, I would rate it about 5.2/10 because it was nothing special. Apart from that, we also kena tipu 1 plate of dish - the mee! Be careful because the order sheet was ticked by previous consumer and we didn't notice, so kena 1 plate of chicken soup mee!

wong kok ipoh

Actually, we didn;t order much ! One of my friends ordered the worst french toast over thre! Yes, the inside was as dry as desert, how to swallow! The price also not cheap!!!!~~~



Sebastian Workshop said...

In Malaysia, I like Old Town. I dont know y? probably is the childhood? I think so!

fufu said...

i miss the yuen yong!!!! and also bo lo bao :p

Anonymous said...

I miss siao jiat jiat....oh jiat jiat.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

haha, Old Town is fine if the 1 in Ipoh~~~
The LCCT 1, i tried - it was horrible and more pricey than the normal 1

hahaha, u can learn hw to make them by yourself^^lol


CRIZ LAI said...

Thanks for the visit to my cat blog. Those little furry pets can be cute right? Give Soya a little scratch on the belly on my behalf ok? Thanks

By the way, I love the honest food review here. WK was one of my worst experience ever... plain, expensive and almost always tasteless. That's why I never write on them. LOL!

For your curiosity... these are my main blogs :P

I AM A BLOGGER said...

[criz lai]
sure, i will guchi on her tummy..hahaha
yup, it was ok ok only. the best 1 was in Serdang, but sudah tutup><

Ronnie said...

wat happened to your french toast ???... I love the french toast !! Maybe something is wrong somewhere..

vialentino said...

nice food there...and like ur photos...great review

Johnny Ong said...

food is not cheap nowadays and the worse thing wld be the quality of food drops at the same time

I AM A BLOGGER said...

[Ronnie] too dry! they din cut the spread inside><~~~

[vialentino] thanks for liking~~

[johnny ong] yes, tat is so true~~expensive and nt nice...

smallkucing said...

we have tis in KL too :D

I AM A BLOGGER said...

yup~~~this 1 is the 1st in Ipoh~~~

Mabel Low said...

I seriously agree with you on your verdicts of wongkok's food. Damn disappointing. Plus very expensive=.=
Service on rush hours also not exactly good. Totally not worth a second visit. :S

I AM A BLOGGER said...

yup, ppl will start to decrease after some time~~~like wat ppl said, new toilet mah, muz use a few times..hahaha