Friday, January 28, 2011

Mama's Cooking Will Always Be The Best!

After spending 1 week of my holiday in the laboratory, I realised that I miss my hometown and my mom's cooking badly!!!!~~ The experimental works were tedious and horrible. I totally have mis-communication with my groupmate. Anyway, we had a long talk; hopefully, this could resolve some issues. 

Less than a week, it is time for Chinese New Year! Yet, really to worry about a lot stuffs from examination results to project progression!  Not to forget, next semester is going to be busy! Haiz, I just want my holiday now and throw all my worries away 1st(><)!

Yeah, either 2day or 2moro, I am balik-ing kampung! I am really excited right now! Screw those stupid experimental apparatus. I am so gonna enjoy myself and my mama's cooking because she is the best cook in the world!!!! Oh yes, the Hakka  Yong Taufu (釀豆腐)is one of her only best dishes!!!!~Don't believe me? Let's the pics do the talking!



Oh yes! Lovely right? The Hakka Yong taufu Feast!!!!!Any1 can pick up my heart, must have to cook like my mom 1st ....hohohohohho~~~~till then!

Happy Chinese New Year and Have a Great Rabbit Year!!!!(^^)



Wei Han said...

OMG.. it looks awesomely delicious!

AJ said...

omg!if I can cook like ur mom,then can i get ur heart??

CazzyCazz a.k.a Micz said...

Why did i ready this post of yours at 2.18am? Darn i am drooling already!!!!!!!!!! Happy Chinese New Year to you in advance!!

Calvin Lee said...

lol, it's almost impossible to find one that can cook like our mom in the 22nd century! haha, lower your standard.

Bravebear said...

I like yong tau fu too... yum yum..

jfook said...

wow your mum is really a good cook.

Nava K said...

goodness, everytime I see images of food, I get so terribly hungry, look yummy.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Weihan - yup, it is! Mom's cooking is still the best^^

KJ - hmmmm, can u cook or nt 1st?hehehhe~~

cazzy- hahaha, thanks. and Happy CNY 2^^

superbearman - hard to say~~mybe is juz rite infront of me...kekeke

Bravebear - yup, it is Hakka yong tau fu^^

jfook - i bet moms are the best cook in the world^^

Nava - hahaha, thanks for dropping by^^

Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

Happy Chinese New year to you too!!!!!

Pete said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

LAURENCE said...

Happy Rabbit Year To You~

renaye said...

happy chinese new year!!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

[Justin] Happy CNY^^AGAIN~~^^

[Pete] Happy CNY^^

[Renaye] Hv a great Rabbit Year^^