Thursday, July 3, 2008

Panda Versus Cobra

When you first see the title, you might have thought of the recent hit movie, KUNG FU PANDA. Well, that is not the case. Actually, Panda Versus Cobra is all about the horrible event that occurs in my very own home.

Well, a few days ago, when I was apparently inside my home, checking on my emails, there were huge barks from our backyard, the combination of Panda's, Goldie's, and Cowdy's(Ngau Ngau) alarming barks. My mum and I felt something were amiss. Because before this, there was a surface of a poisonous creature - The Cobra King. My dad was also feeling something was not right. He ran down from his room, and straight to the backyard.

Then, a loud shout from the backyard, :"you she (got snake)!!!". My mum and I quickly went to backyard to have a look. When we got there, guess what we saw? A very long snake, which I did not measure how long it was. But, when we got there, the Cobra was down. My dad was the hero who saved our dogs. But, unfortunately, an unforeseen event happened, my lovely Panda, which is a German-Shepherd, was bitten by the poisonous cobra, his leg was injured.

Our lovely Panda had been with our family for so many years. He was already 8-year-old(in human life span, he is already 50 something). So, without any hesitation, my dad and I brought him to the vet. Well, that day was Sunday, we were so lucky that we were able to find a vet(Thanks to my sis who contacted the vet).

After the vets met Panda, they treated him. But, due to the very expensive anti-venom couldn't be injected in a single shot, Panda had to stay back for a day. With a little of reluctance, we left he behind for the best.

Guess who was back? Panda was all mighty again as he used to be, but, still kept his sad eyes. Haha, but, the most important thing is that he is fine now. But, the bill was very ..... Oh, well, after all, Panda was fully-recovered. That is what really matters.


At the end, my dad won.............................................(^^), ironic, rite?


Anonymous said...

dad is the hero!!!

CazzyCazz a.k.a Micz said...

Glad to know that Panda is safe and sound.... I know how expensive animal treatment would cost, but as long as it can help save a life, i guess it is worth it! :P

My YaYa boy once fell from 4th floor & the total bill came out to be RM824 for 3 days treatment in Animal Medical Center!

Another thing is, since both of us have had experienced being locked out, i guess we've learned & it is going to be the last time d! LOL.... You take care and write more ya!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

haha, yup!!!

[Micz a.k.a Michelle]
haha, u r rite. We will try to make tat last time.