Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shop till Everybody drops!!!

Today was not like any other days, it was a day of J. Hahaha, not me, Jay. But, the J cards member day for Aeon (formerly known as Jaya Jusco)[which is listed in their voucher]. Mum and I were determined to shop today eversince we received the flyer from Jaya Jusco.

Due to several unexpected obstacles( I forgot the time of my piano lesson and it was extremely difficult to find a parking lot), we reached there about 3 p.m. We were wandering around the complex to look for a space(pratically wasting our petrol). At the end, we decided to park to the housing area. In exchange, we had to walk to Jaya Jusco in a short while.

When we reached there, people were filling the shopping complex so fast that the corridor was almost fully-packed. Well, for the sake of shopping, we survived. The goods there some were very cheap and some were more or less the same.

In just about 15 minutes of walking, I found my targets. I had been waiting for so long,finally, there was a 50-percent discount for my lovely Japanese drama. They were not just any Japanese Drama. They were legends that guided me through my younger days. Therefore, I bought 3 sets of old, famous, fabulous Japanese Drama.

My triplet is just amazing,they are my babies(Even though I sound sick, I still love them)

No.1。 庶务二课 (1), this is the best of the best. Funny, charming, cool,...just about everything.

No.2. 爱美大作战(2), never watch this before, I just watch the 1st series, but, I am putting a lot of faith in it.

NO.3.恶作剧之吻-The original drama from Japan, not from Taiwan. I watch the Taiwan version, I have to be honest, it is not even close to the original( I know that a lot of people will going to hate me, but, this is my own opinion) Well, because, the Japan version had something more intriguing - authenticity. This is really important.
(They all cost me about RM40, so cheap, later, I will be able to speak Japanese. Gambateh, hehehe!!!(^-^))

After that, of course, we went to the men's and women's department. Oh my gosh , the situation there could be described by only a word - "Chaotic". People were crazy of the discounted attire such as blouse, dress, undergarment, shoes, and socks. Right now, I am going to reveal the true nature of most aunties. Beware, if you find this uneasy, just continue reading my blog. Hahaha, here is it.(Okey, I admit I am exaggerating again)

Actually, aunties were fighting for men underwear.......for their husband, son,, you don't want to mess with them . After that, there were happy hours for lady handbegs, watches, and....
The price of this scene is just priceless.

Well, after 3 hours of hustling and bustling in the crowd, we bought all the neccessary goods. It was time to go home. Right now, I am very tired and exhausted. So, in just few more minutes, I might need to go to sleep.

P.S : I change my header pictures already, guess who is coming into my blog?


fufu said...

yeah old j-dramas are good...but the latest one also not bad... you shall try Last Friends, Change, Zettai Kareshi etc ya

Anonymous said...

"My triplet is just amazing,they are my babies(Even though I sound sick, I still love them)"

Wow...your babies? Not good. Should be obsess to books, not VCD. :P

Anonymous said...

Ur blogging skills is amazing. I think u will be a very successful blogger in the future. Good Luck =)

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Thanks for your recommendation!I think I will look into.

different people, different interest.

What a huge compliment!!! It is more than an encouragement, it is like confirmation for me to write more. Thanks (^^)