Friday, July 20, 2012

The Spiderman of New Era

I still vividly remembered the original movie of spiderman 1 being released 2002. I just started my secondary school and now, I am a graduate from a university. It is like unbelievable how 10 years just gone by. That time, all of us in our class of 42 students were crazy over Spiderman because we had seen it in comics and cartoon; but, never in real human-acting. 

It was one of the movies that those days, I would spend my precious pocket money to watch in the cinema. Obviously, after viewing the movie, it inspired me deeply as a human being and as a dreamer. It somehow told me that nothing is impossible. Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker) acted as a timid student with very good results. One day, he was bitten; thus, he obtained superpower which not only enhanced him physically, it made him a stronger person. The development of this Peter Parker was so much stronger than the new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). While a lot of friends prefer the new 1, I still have heart for the old 1 because the old 1 just taught us that even you are small on the outside, you can still be strong if you want to. Another point is that Aunt May in the old movie is far better in term of the feeling.  The Amazing Spiderman is of course far more handsome and cuter. But, in the movie, he didn't project the development from weak to strong intensely. Perhaps, the director wanted to focus more on his past which the old movie didn't highlight at all. This is definitely a plus point (^^)

Another twist in the new spiderman is that his love interest is Gwen Stacy, not Mary-Jane (><). Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) was great in the movie. She embodied the character quite well. Of course, in spiderman 3, there was also Gwen Stacy who wasn't the main character. Funny, they have similar appearances. Hahahah!The Gwen-Stacy-Look (^^). Anyhow, without knowing the sequel development, I still prefer to have Mary-Jane as the neighbour (><). Kristen Dunst did an amazing job as Mary-Jane. Her life is just as difficult as Peter Parker. But, she made it to Broadway! Another inspiring moment in this classic.

While both spiderman movies are in different directions, I still prefer the old 1. How about you?! Have you watch and compare? Peter Parker and Mary-Jane, both are the legend of spiderman; it is hardly possible to break this image. But, I still believe the new spiderman has more to offer. Hope a better sequel soon (^^)!!!

"With great power comes great responsibility"


durianland said...

Woots, all the photographs damn cool wei! I think this is my first comment after so long! Sorry bro! Was busy setting up my blog! Do you know that Spiderman 3 has more CGIs than before? Well I really admire those people working so hard for the CGIs!! Your last photographs inspire me to do something soon!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahahaha, yup, those were my collections last time~ my babies (^^)
wow, i am honoured to have ur comment!
Yes, do smtg great (^^)

Small Kucing said...

have not had chance to watch much movie lately.

Going to mark this movie. Hopefully can get the DVD

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahaha, must be busy~
DVD is good, the shooting case at Cinema is horrible!

vendoline said...

lain plakon lain impak
selamat menyambut bulan ramdhan yer....hehe ikhlas daripada edyferdaus

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Yup, you are right !
Selamat Menyambut bulan ramdhan juga (^^)