Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holding On Like A Grasshopper

Life wasn't fair to me for a long time. When I was so young, I worked very hard, I did for a period. Then, working so hard didn't take me where I wanted to go. I gave up! But, a little incident sparked my life again when I was 17-year-old. I ended my secondary school gloriously. But, again, life wasn't fair to me; I gave up again !

Until on finding the next path, my combat energy was revived to 100%. I kicked some serious a**! But, it did bring to a location which I thought it was ideal. However, it turned out to be a hellish abyss. As my fighting life is fading as years gone by, an awakening moment arose abruptly. I really slaughtered through ~ Yes, I won an unexpected war. Finally, the war ended magnificently; I thought I could finally pack my stuffs and go back to where I come from. Another huge bump suddenly showed up, blocking the ray of hope. 

It was not a good decision; but I made it. Now, I have to bear the consequences. Sound serious?! Yes, it is. But, I believe life is not fair. You win some, you lose some. To me, my true dreams are yet to be realised. Until today, the choices I made really didn't please me; but, they took me far and high. I hope to speak out everything in words; but, I decided not to because it is still not time yet. ~

Anyhow, life goes on! I could win a war back then; I can and will definitely win again! My grip will be stronger than any grasshopper on the planet! 

Another emo post from A Person who loves insectology (^^)


Small Kucing said... is a constant battle

I AM A BLOGGER said...

sumtimes, i juz hope life is smooth-sailing, less disappointments, more happiness. But, in reality, life is nvr a bed of roses~(><)