Thursday, December 26, 2013

Awareness by 110 CancerCare

I think many of us know about CANCER. As the world continues to develop, so does cancer! There are getting more and more cases of cancers as approximate 7.6 millions deaths (13% of all deaths)  in 2008 were caused by cancer [1]. I understand the devastation and effects of cancers to both the patients and his/her family. 

I was contacted to write about 110 CancerCare project joint-ventured by National Cancer Society Malaysia and AXA Affin Life Insurance [2]. As an effort to spread earlier awareness on cancer, the webportal provides some of the available paths to safeguard future of yourself and your love ones [3]. 

Personally, I think is a very good initiative to promote health awareness and future protection on cancer. Therefore, maybe you can just spend 10 mins or less to have quick check on the links, it will benefit you in a small way, yet, who knows this small gesture can save your life!

*Note: The post is solely for information-dissemination, author is not a member of the organisations as mentioned above.  

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