Saturday, June 7, 2008

As Time Goes By(Casablanca)

I love old movie, music and even fashion. Without them , there will be no tomorrow. That is why oldies are classical. We even can learn a lot from them. They exist before us, they mould our future. That is how the cycle revolves and people must not forget the past. We have to look ahead to move on, but, we must never forget the history. Well, I sound very serious, right? It is a serious matter. Well, I don't recall which date of our local newspaper, a piece of news stated that right now, a survey was conducted to determine whether it is necessary to teach history in primary school.

At first, I was shocked to see such survey was conducted. But, people have to be rational before being judgmental. I realised that nowadays, students are facing enormous amount of homework even in primary school . But, is this reason strong enough to stir up this issue. I would say keep the history if I were the respondent because:

1) We must remember the past to ensure we don't repeat mistake again.
2) We must remember our own cultures.
3) We must remember the contributions of the heroes who set our country free.

Well, this is the three main point I can think of right now. My brain rusted after leaving history for quite some time. But, what I learn is more than history, it instill the awareness of being conscious of my own country. So, leave the history alone. Don't bully history because it told me how Parameswara came to Malacca, how Tunku Abdul Rahman fought for independence, ...

Well, I have gone too far from As Time Goes By, but, as time goes by, we will still remember something very special in our lives, any events like wedding, first-born child. So, even oldies melodies are not going to suit our lives now, they are here to stay to show us and guide us to the path of future.

I really love this song. It is a classical from Casablanca, a historical movie that woo fans around the globe. This movie shows us that even though it is already history, it still impacts different people differently. So, love this song, keep this history.

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