Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who is WANTED?

In just about 15 minutes ago, seven friends and me just watched WANTED. I would say it was rocking and nice to watch. Today was its premier, of course, I would not miss it.

Well, the storyline is rather interesting. This movie is based on a comic, which I did not read or see before. Basically, it is about assassination, very...very... brutal murder and it all focused on a group called Fraternity. I am not exaggerating, when you watch the movie, you know what I mean(18-PL).

In this movie, I really enjoyed the action. It was truly an action-packed movie. You can see just about any action, breathtaking movements, and last but not least, one of the world most sexiest star, Angelina Jolie. Oh, don't forget about the male leading actor, James McAvoy and the award-winning actor, Morgan Freeman. With that kind of combination, there are just sparkles all over the place. Hot, hot, hot movie......

She is Fox in WANTED. Well, she is just mesmerizing as always. Even though she is wanted, she is already taken by Brad Pitt. But, she is still hot. She really demands attention. Have you ever heard this expression "her presence changes the molecules in the room"? When you see her in the movie, this is how you would feel.

Well, he is wanted as well. Even though he is a newcomer, James McAvoy also put up a great performance. In this movie, he really captures the attention of the audience. His pair of light-blue eyes is so captivating. In a similar way, this movie gives me the SPIDERMAN feel. He was nobody in the first place, but, his progress is very nice to follow.

From my review, WANTED is a must-watch movie. So, if you have time, go to cinema as soon as possible. This movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov, just really gives everybody a surreal experience after watching the movie. By the way, WANTED's official site is really awesome. Go and check it out. After watching the movie, share your thoughts with me.


Kritz said...


So sad ._.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Oh well, you can wait until it is legal for u to watch in the cinema, or pretend tat you are old enough to watch it and sneak in , or just watch pirated DVD. Anyway,try not to miss it coz very nice and exciting.Dun hv to be sad. hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i have nth to share with u! haha! Jessica Alba is more sexy than Angelina Jolie! hehe

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Huiyo, I think Jessica Alba is hot, Angelina is sexy, nicole kidman is elegant...hehehe

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Huiyo, I think Jessica Alba is hot, Angelina is sexy, nicole kidman is elegant...hehehe