Friday, June 20, 2008

Lovely Lotus

If you see a lovely flower poising steadily by itself from the water and blossoming gracefully in pink, then, that is lotus as this is the general description for lotus flower. Actually, in my home, I have a little pot of lotus flower. Well, it matched the description above. To be honest, it is very easy to plant lotus. You need a holeless pot, soil, sand on the surface and of course, water. These are the important ingredients.

So, before I write this article, I did some research. Hahaha, this is the results of studying in academic style. Surprisingly, there is another name for lotus - Nelumbo. What a beautiful name! Apart from that, I also found out that lotus is actually the national flower for India; therefore, sometimes, people refer lotus as " Sacred Lotus ".

Did you know that every part of the lotus plant has its own use? Of course, the flower itself is for decoration. But, the core of lotus, or rather the fruits is quite nice to eat. Apart from that, the root of the lotus is also edible. It can be cooked into various delicious dishes. Last but not least, even its leaves can be used to wrap rice for cooking purposes. Lotus is a hundred-use plant indeed.

Well, below are some of the shots that I took. It is not perfect, but, I really enjoy taking pictures of beautiful flower.


At this moment, the flower is about to blossom. Even so, it still looks very graceful.


Finally, it blossoms fully majestically with its pinkish petals like a shy little girl becoming a charming lady.

lotus 1

This yellowish core is so soft and warm just the the heart of a person.

I would say that the gracefulness and the sacredness of lotus is just simply exquisite. There is no other flower has that sacred feel. If there is, please tell me by leaving a comment .Hahaha....


Cyren Asteraceya said...

Ola nuffnanger!

I love water lotus's as well!

But I would have to disagree when you said no other flower has a sacred feel. I feel that almost ALL flowers have a sacred feel.

A flower is the start of new life in the plant and there's nothing like a flower that screams "the beauty of life!"

But I must say some flowers have more of it than others. Orchids for instance. Some rare orchids take YEARS to bloom and when they do, their flowers are just so elegent and graceful!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Yup, you are also right. Well, personally, I think that flowers are just beautiful in anyway. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.