Sunday, October 2, 2011

Malaysian Nationality Radiated Under The Light of The Moon


Don't be confused about my title. The photo of the moon is just another random snapshot near my house. Anyway, the resolution here is a bit bad because my camera don't really work well in dimmed atmosphere. I still love the little orange moon. It gives me a feeling of mysterious of somekind like werewolf etc...hohoho (random thought)

What I want to discuss here is on Malaysian Nationality. It triggered my mind as it all started in the KTM. It was one not-so-fine night, I just boarded the train. Suddenly, at the next door, there was a foreigner, guy, who was carrying a lot stuffs heading to KL Sentral. It was nothing special until the guy started to talk in fluent Malay with a weird accent quite loudly. He was talking to a Indonesian guy. Apparently, the indo guy was helping him at 1st. The loud guy (from Iran) started to tell him stories....Then, he said that he is a Malaysian. The Indo didn't believe that. Then, the argument just started..................

Iran Guy: Saya Malaysian. Saya sudah beberapa tahun di sini (Impressive, he spoke very well). 
Indo Guy: Yakeh? (Put on a sarcastic smile)
Iran Guy: Apa! Saya memang Malaysian. ..........(talking non-stop).

Then, the Iran guy lost his patience and started to ransack his own stuffs. He took out his wallet and showed his pink identity card. He was so furious that he threw all his stuff out and started to pack his stuffs@@~~~ At the end, the Indo guy and his gang went out and tried to trick the Iran guy that they reached KL Sentral already despite we were still at Tasik Selatan. However, it was just in time that a policeman came and warned them~ Boo to the Indo gang and Salute to the Iran guy. 

The lesson here is other people are so appreciative towards our country nationality. Therefore, as we are born here, we should be more grateful of our country despite there are still some ugliness. Which country doesn't have any ugliness there? We are the one who decide the future of our country (^^)~~



Carrie said...

Salute the iran guy. We should learn from him!

Xjion89 said...

Despite his barbaric manner, I like his spirit~ Should be proud of nationality, even foreigner also like that~