Friday, September 6, 2013

Nokia 5730 Memory: Ants, Tree, Sky and The Decision

If they try to rush me, I tell them I've only got one other speed, and that's slower, Taurean Glenn Ford
Here is a new tradition of my post every now and then to include a quote. One fine day, I dug up an old exercise book from my secondary school/ high school days. It was truly inspiring as I opened the book and found meaningful phrase/ quote that I either copied from the newspaper or from the internet. My state of mind was instantly rejuvenated, seeing that myself was once a determined individual. I copied about 300++ in my book!  I would like to share out my might to keep living on (^^)

Anyway, let me talk on the phone 1st. Nokia 5730 of 3.2 megapixel phone was a phone I won 4 years ago! Yup, my slogan actually won a grand prize in a online contest. It was valued at about RM 1300++ as it was just released not long ago. The specs of the phone that time was more than impressive; not only it has a qwerty keyboard (hidden), it is also an internet phone. This meant a lot to me as it was my 1st smartphone!!!!!!! I also just want to say that Nokia's Carl Zeiss's lense is truly awesome. 

Right now, I rarely uses Nokia 5730 to take photos eversince I change my phone to Nexus 4 which is a touchscreen smartphone. Therefore, as a memory of Nokia 5730 serves me, I shall share the photos as a walk down on memory lane. (Long-winded post indeed)

The Ants, Tree and Sky was taken at my university - University of Nottingham Malaysia. Those ants were the ferocious red ants; once bitten, it would definitely hurt. I was so surprised that my Nokia 5730 had the capability to take this kind of images even though it is slightly blurry and low resolution. 

Oh, by the way, if you follow my last last last post, I was so anxious of The Decision. Yup, after venturing into an amazing Oil and Gas Consultation company for roughly a year, I decided to further my studies as a Ph.D student in Chemical Engineering Field back to my university!!!! Yes, you hear me right! It was a mixed feeling - happy, anxiety, worry, determined, doubt, ........ huge mix-pot. But, I had grounded my thought and in this future 3 years, I will walk into the Ivory Tower once again for one last time (maybe)!   

The consultation job was tough and challenging with steep learning curve. However, I was getting a hang of it and it soon became a huge part of my life. I was so glad that I had this amazing year of experience with capable people and reputable company. It moulded me into a more confident person and taught me never hide away from challenges. 

Some people argued that my job was quite excellent since it was mainly in Oil & Gas field and consultation. It would be loss if I just gave up like that. Plus, Oil & Gas is all about experience. True enough, perhaps my 3 years of studies would not be able to make up the 3 years of experience in any field. I just want to say that life is more than taking a risk; it is more like grabbing an opportunities. When it knocks, I just have to grab it. My lovely supervisor offers me a full sponsorship as a investment to my interest. This is an opportunity that I would'not want to let go. 

Another reason is that after a couple years of working, I believe that it would be difficult to go back to study life. So, I just want to sekaligus use this amazing chance and develop into a more technically-competent person that ever. So, that's all I want to say! Wish me luck pleaseeeeeee (^^)

Let the 3 year journey begins!


Ken said...

Wow PhD! It must be tough, i'm not too sure whether i wanna continue my studies after this (master's degree). Your Nokia phone takes amazing picture surprisingly!

soulesscloudy said...

Good luck... Next time I should call you Dr. Xijon Right? lol

Small Kucing said...

Best of luck :)

Jay Lee said...

True, PhD requires the students to be more independent and more initiative-taking. Hahaha, you can consider it slowly, but not too slow. Perhaps, if you have good offer, then, u can continue.

Thanks for the compliment.

Jay Lee said...

Thanks for your wishes. Hahaha, no need lah, but it sounds quite scientific ^^

Jay Lee said...

Thanks ^^

Twilight Man said...

I worked for several years after school before going to States for degree. That's how fate works sometimes.

Jay Lee said...

Yup, you wil never know even you expect how your life is going to be....