Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fierce Fashion Attack of Birdies~~~

2 days ago, I had official becoming a grown-up! Yup, never thought that this day would come! Anyway, still don't have mood to blog about it! Well, talk about my birthday later~~~ Today, I am going to talk about some fierce models! Yes, they are quite good posers who know how to show their stuffs! Let's have a look at the two sexy models who pose like there is no tomorrow!!!! Portfolio starts now:


The 1st Pose was modeling with hiphop feel! So cool oooo!!!!!

 The 2nd Pose was the pose of distance where both of them pretended not to know each other(^^).

 The 3rd Pose was the pose of natural on the camera like they were born to model!!!

The 4th Pose was the pose of profession where they know how to look at the camera.

The 5th Pose was Tyra Bank's  personal technique - fierce with smiling with eyes(^^)

The 6th Pose was the appearance of the true motion supermodel who knows how to rock it!!!!

Anyway, I just love to crap!!!! Haha, actually, it was one fine day where they suddenly attacked my windows. Maybe they saw their own reflections ?!!! Anyway, they were knocking at the windows for the past 30 mins. Initially, I wanted to chase them away. But, wait, I had insects as my models before, but not birds. So, instead of kicking their a*****, I snapped their photos! It was quite joyous to take photo of them. But, to bad, due to the glass barrier, some photos had some not-so-nice reflections! If I only have a DSLR~~~~~~~~please remember to click my ads(^^)~~~~i wan a DSLR to take good photos for you guys(^^) Thanks~~~~~~~~



Superbearman89 said...

Nice header picture as always

KahJoon_AJ said...

the two birds looked really fierce!I like their eye expression...haha

kenwooi said...

so nice they pose for you ah.. haha.. =)

fufu said...

save money for a dslr... dont spend all your angpow!!

Bravebear said...

LOL! The birds do look fierce. Tyra banks lose to them lor... hahaha!

Xjion89 said...

aiyo zheng shi guo jiang ooo....hohoho, thanks^^XD

yalor, they were knocking the windows non=stop ooo~~~crazy birds...haha

free model mah^^

aiyo, ang pow money still nt enuf mah~~~

hahaha, they are very very very fierce!!!!haha

renaye said...

unbelievable that u could snap such close-up shots with the birds!!

希爾門 said...

this is funny, especially the first photo, hip hop cool~~~~

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, they were actually attacking my windows non-stop~~so, i took the chance ooo~~~

hahaha, ngam ngam they pose like tat~~~.haha^^they are so cute~~

vialentino said... u did manage to capture the two birds so close and upfront...

Xjion89 said...

haha, i think they were looking and attacking their own reflections on the windows~~~

they modeled for me for more than 30mins

Pete said...

Cute Myna birds.Nice photos! I used to have 2 as pets when I was a kid. They followed me around the house all the time, LOL!

Xjion89 said...

oooo, nvr tot that they can be pets...haha, they are a bit aggressive and noisy~~

she851518 said...

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