Monday, January 24, 2011

The Coming Back Post of Xjion89 Who is Everywhere(^^)

Oh yes, finally ended my final exam this semester! It was the most most most most horrible year ever, and I believe that the worst is yet to come(><). Oh yes, this was a hectic semester that nearly "killed" me! And, my final examination, it was terrible because all those papers were freaking hard! It was really a YEAR 3 paper standard or even maybe higher because most of my modules are for Year 3 and Year 4 students. Therefore, this year, most of papers were reinvented to put up the standard.(><)!!!!~~I think 3/4 of my papers are really dead!

Yet, this is the end of Year 3 Sem 1 Chapter! (A Dreadful 1) with Steamboat Style

Anyway, Xjion89 a.k.a Jay is finally bek!!!!!~Due to final examination and busy research project, I barely have any time to blog. Now, after my exam, I still have to go back to uni to do experiment before my CNY celebration (><)~~Haiz, it is not easy to be a student! So, in case I am not enuf time to blog, I started some extra social networks to keep me, my readers and blogger friends connect. 





You can find me @ those links^^!!!! and, you can fb me toooooo~!!My name is xjion89!!! 



Pete said...

Heh heh, exam over, very shiok liao! Can celebrate CNY without any worries!

lock said...

welcome back to the blog world!

CazzyCazz a.k.a Micz said...

Yes lil bro is making a comeback and that makes my blogging days more fun and colourful!! I mean, we have been sticking around in the blogsphere for long enough? It's so nice to have familiar blogger friend/bro around all the time!! Hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU IN ADVANCE Ya!!!! ^_____^

Xjion89 said...

[Pete] got loads of projects oooooo><~~~pengsan , CNY oso nid to work~~

[Lock] thanks q~keep in touch!!!!

[Cazzy] yup, i think we really been blogging for a very long time!!!! Happy Chinese New Year to u 2 and hv a great Rabbit Year^^