Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chemical Engineering Story: Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering

Being a chemical engineering student for 4 whole years, one of the essential lessons I have learnt is that always have Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering Series Volume 1 - 6. Hahaha! Yup, it is really a "bible" in chemical engineering. It provides an insight into chemical engineering designing from plant to equipment units. 

However, using this series for so long, I think I should appreciate and give credit to the group of elites who spent their life completing this amazing series! As a chemical  engineer student, how you ever thought of who is Coulson and Richardson?

Yes, the cover of one of the magnificent series. After doing some research, I found that from Wikipedia, Jack Richardson was a Professor at University College Swansea; sadly, he passed away 2 years ago. Yup, what a significant figure who really changed the chemical engineering world!

As for John Coulson, he was also a lecturer at Newcastle University; however, he passed away more than 20 years ago. Seeing the age gap between them, it was quite odd that they would meet up in the path of lives and worked together. It was truly an unexpected combination that eventually revolutionised the chemical world. The common point between them would be doing pHD in Imperial College. Perhaps, it was the place that brought them together.

Hopefully, after this passage, chemical engineering students would take more initiative to learn a little bit more on the authors of the book they will most probably use for the 4 years of university life. (^^)


Mr Lonely said...

well, at least you got a bright future when you come out work as engineer~ i heard the starting pay is >RM2800 and above loh~

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, i think any occupation got bright future, juz see how you plan it ^^~~ Depending on field loh, a lot stil lower than that.