Saturday, July 2, 2011

Innit Nuffnang Flashback a.k.a Gossip Girl

I have been a nuffanger for so long, perhaps a few years. I still remember that time, the community was still small, more close-knitted. Oh yes, now, nuffnang has become of the strongest internet ads company in Malaysia. I believe it will continue to grow~~

Anyway, going back to my flashback, I was still a newbie a few years ago. Starting my blog after my SPM (gosh, so long already), I apparently had no idea that we can actually make money from blogging. It was just a place for me to rant, share, and speak with freedom. 

Then, Nuffnang kicked into the picture. I started a great internet social life~~Hahaha, the birth of my internet side-xjion89. Of course, the money made from blogging until today is still not much due to my lack of posts; but, the individuals I met online were quite interesting. All of them have their own story to share, own blog to design. 

To attract more visitors, innit nuffnang came into my mind. Just posting my blogs there, not only I know more blogger friends, it was kinda cool to take initiative to promote my own blog. However, because I was using an avatar pic, so, unless my close friends, I think nobody knew how I look like (^^)~~ Maybe because this reason, there was 1 blogger, C , a glamor blogger was rather aggressive about my posting. If you remembered a long time ago, there was a bunch of bloggers who ganged up together to form a (Dang)er group. If they saw you nang yourself or post your link in the message box, they will dang up against u...hahahaha, it was really something like gossip girl. I think C was like the Queen Bee that time, finding chances to bully people. I totally ignored them because I hate gang  bullying people! And, if self-nang is not allowed, Nuffnang would have already disable it~~

Oh well, soon after some time, this gang was finally being closed down after mass pressure from all bloggers. C was even kena "B" that time! It was such an epic that time. Remembering those days, really shows me that it was a time to remember regardless of good or bad memory!

Hahaha, it was truly those days of Gossip Girls! This post is totally random because I am a bit lazy to edit photos~~(><)~~~Tata for now^^

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Calvin Lee said...

OK, nothing to comment. Just clicked on your nuffnang ads. Help help you lah ~~~

Kendra Bing said...

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renaye said...

meow meow!!! thanks for always visiting my blog ne~

Chris said...


I AM A BLOGGER said...

[su[erberman] thanks~^^

[Kendra] Thanks 2^^

[Renaye] hahahha, u too. keep supporting each other~~

[Chris] juz a random dramatic memory..hahahah~