Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nando's Foodie Maniac

Oh no~~~ I am just feeling plain tired after walking a lot! I really mean non-stop walking for about 12 hours per day ~~~ Hahaha, so, I am really mood-less now.. Hahaha, just joking! Xjion89 will always be crazy and maniac about food! So, tonight, let's have a look at the foodie gallery added in Xjion89's Little World.

I am sure that most foodie lover heard of NANDO~Their website is amazing too!  Oh yes, there are quite a number of outlets in Malaysia. So far, my favourite outlets are the one in KLCC and The Mines because their service is truly fast and efficient. So, I just read about a little of history about this restaurant. It is basically a fusion of Portuguese cuisine with African style! Anyhow, let the picture do the talking (^^)


This is the outlet at KLCC! Cool right?! Loving the decor and also the atmosphere over there.

This is the normal quarter chicken with 2 sidelines. Hehehe, my fav dish over there of all time. Of course, you can also choose the spiciness of the dish as well from Herb, Mild Peri-Peri......I usually choose herb(^^) The drinks there are mostly bottomless. I would order 1 soft drinks and drink for my life~~


This is the same dish with different sidelines! (^^)


There are so many other type of dishes to be tried. From special dessert to cool burgers, almost anything you want can be found there.

Hope you all enjoy the food (^^)...Tatata for now, truly need to work~~~



TZ said...

I think Nandos is a bit pricey...

Small Kucing said...

Had bad experience at their Subang Parade outlet

Wei Han said...

nandos does cost a little bit more..but i wouldnt mind to spend that money once a while..
ur blog made me feel that perhaps it's time for that 'once a while' again.

Nava.K said...

I quite like the taste of this chicken from here and all the extras you can order to go with it.

Xjion89 said...

[TZ] Yup, but it is still reasonable~omg, 1st time i said tat...hahahah

[Small Kuching] Really depends on outlet.KLCC that 1 was super efficient even though a lot of customers.

[Wei Han] hahaha, me 2~ Yalor, go out yumchar and gathering bah~~

[Nava] Totally agreed!^^

狮子蛋卷 said...


Xjion89 said...

哈哈哈, 就是咯~要在Nando试一试其他的菜单了^^

Fresh Garden said...

My stomach is rumbling and my mouth is salivating!

Sebastian Workshop said...

Nando's 不是那么好吃!!

Xjion89 said...

[Fresh Garden] hahaha, i bet u r fodie person 2^^

[Nando] hahaha, depend on personal taste~ To me, it can make it to my fav list ooo~