Monday, December 22, 2014

Nottingham Castle Journey

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” by Oscar Wilde, Irish writer and poet. 

Almost every city in UK, there will be a castle and cathedral. Owing to UK unique history, the places I visited so far has this kind of city structure. York, Nottingham, Lincoln, and more to come have their lovely church and castle even though most of them are smaller in size. 

Nottingham Castle is situated very near to the city, especially the Broadmarsh Shopping Mall. In normal days, the admission to Nottingham Castle is about  £5.50 (include museum, but exclude the underground tour). However, if there is any special event, maybe you can enter for free.  Basically, castles in UK are usually built in highlands, sames goes to Nottingham Castle. This gives an amazing panoramic view in the castle. 

The are two museums in Nottingham Castle, one is on hillside, another one is at the lowland just besides the Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem pub (famous pub). The entrance to both museums is included in the £5.50. However, as stated earlier, the underground tour cost me another £4, which was guided by a speaker explaining the origin and development of the castle. 

Nottingham is also famous of Robin Hood, being one of the most recognisable characters around the world. Oh yes, I didn't know that. So, whenever you are here, it is more than common to snap a photo with Robin Hood. Yup, bow and arrow is like his signature !!! 


Kok Leong Lee said...

I am not sure whether the sky in foreign countries is more magnificent or that I never look up the sky in Malaysia. The clouds, the blue sky, and the sun makes me feel alive!

Jay Lee said...

The sky in Ipoh is nice too! Foreign countries always seems nicer because grass from the other side looks nice. Haha~ true, the sky and sun here are very nice because it is not often to see them. That's why they are so precious!

Twilight Man said...

All the photos are beautiful and I am dying to visit UK again. Wait till the pounds drop again.
I realised you don't appear in your photos!! Do you have 3 eyes?

Jay Lee said...

hahahahaha, UK is beautiful~ U can come again ~
LOL, i have 4 eyes that are not so nice to look at, mybe?~