Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Renovation of My Little World from 2010 - 2014

In my latest blog design, I find myself going extremely simple in everything. Perhaps, I have matured along the way with high tendency to seek for a more convenient of life. Hahahaha, I believe I am experiencing the mid-life crisis. Anyway so far, it has been a year since I changed my theme. This time around, I was spending quite some time to do research on how to give a simple look on my blog. I removed all the fancy gadgets, background image and gave it a less clutter look. Other than that, here are some of the tips I used for my bloggie design, mainly referenced from

  1. How to align the blog header image - this was quite a frustrating experience in blogger template adjustment. But the code from here solved my problem
  2. How to optimise google search for blog post title -  As the post title always started with the blog title, this gives a less attractive search results for the posts. Please find the self-explanatory from here.
  3. Removed the blogger bar (can be done now) which make my blog looks more clean.
  4. Gave a new blogger image (^^) with description on who I am. Finally a mini-masquerade mask pic taken in Venice!
  5. Gave a new blog header image, also taken in Venice.
  6. Added the facebook like button, which is quite good for publicity. And, so far, only this post worked for my blog. 

This basically sum up the minor yet time-consuming edits!!!!!!! 

Just as life will always goes on and earth will always spin, My Little World has been transformed for so many times that I lost count. My regret now is that I did not save a printsceen of my blog designs previously. Thank goodness with, I manage to retrieve some of blog interfaces I applied last time from 2010 and 2014. Yet, many were lost. 

Oh gosh, 2010 was a dark year for me? I don't exactly remember why it was so dark. Then 2011, I decided to go green, Oh yes, I still remembered the Japanese Garden's bridge which was used as the blog header pics.  

Then, in 2012, I decided to give a more messy design, which the background pics were taken in Dreamz Bakery . Over the year in 2013, I was back to simple design with brownish background.

In later of 2013, I was having a liking to yellow designs thanks to the Hard Rock image taken in Penang. As you can see in 2014, my life has gotten slightly complicated. Therefore, any simple gestures/ designs/ lives/ happiness seems to be my cup of tea. 

If you are missing out some of the blog design/ or you wonder how was your blog evolve/ mutate over the years, you can always try to find it using


Twilight Man said...

I admire blogs that often change their designs and customized the banners with innovative layout. I could hardly do that or maybe lazy to try is my real excuse. I hope that you will post new stories often. Just photos will excite me.

Jay Lee said...

Haha, I was feeling lazy to do it as well. But, I need something to kickstart my urge to be hardworking in my life (^^) Will try to update as often as possible

soulesscloudy said...

Really transformed.. A new year (coming soon), a new blog UI.. great start ahead...

Jay Lee said...

Yes, yes, so fast another year!!!!! Happy New Year tooo !!!

Small Kucing said...

so many things to learn about blogging leh

Jay Lee said...

Yes, like life, it is a constant learning process ^^

LEon said...

Simple is good. Happy New year.

Jay Lee said...

thanks ^^