Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Is Tedious?!

The life of an engineer is tedious! Definitely! If I have time, I would write a book about it. But, now, I am absolutely out of time!!! Therefore, right now, I am putting a notice:

"Blog Owner Will Not Blog For A Week or More"

Reason?! Well, today, I just handed in one of the most tedious coursework that I had done. It was more like something that I had experienced before[here]. I kept on doing iteration within iteration just to solve the questions. I had enough!

Now, the main reason that I am going to take some time off from my blog because:


Due Dates:
Monday - Process Engineering Project
Tuesday - Gas Diffusion Lab Report
Thursday - Mathematics Coursework
Friday - Hydroelectric Group Report

Yes, you did not see them wrongly@My life now is all about due dates. My life would also have a due date soon if assignments keep on "burying" me non-stop.

Therefore, in this short post, I would like to thank all my readers and friends for your supports. I did visit your blog to see your recent updates, but, I am really busy to reply or comment all. I am really sorry if I took too long to reply you. Now, I really need to start working!

Wish me luck and keep supporting my blog(^^)


Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! you reading engineering subject too. I graduated from E&E Engineering. I agree. Not an easy course. Keep it up!

Little Bee said...

Lol...jiayou la...
Uni life is tough, but persist it till the end...
If you wish to rest a while and read something, i recommend you to read the following link. I am sure u will be motivated, coz there is always someone who suffer a lot more than you.

fufu said...

good luck all the best

Hackster said...

GOOOD LUCCCKK JAY!!! =) I was just relieved of our 4 assignments, a few more to go only!! yeshhH~~~~

YANZ said...

hi hi! Ganbatte on your assignments! =D

WanWan said...

add oil..

Xjion89 said...

[borneo falcon]
Yes, i hate it, but tat is the life of an engineer. Lots of boring books.

[little Bee]
Thanks(^^)....u also jiayou!!!

hey,bro. thanks a lot ......

[LIAN hack]
hahaha, jiayou luo!!!


jiayou 2 u 2(^^)