Saturday, March 14, 2009

For Good Deeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Borneo Falcon said...

So, are you going to turn off your light?

WanWan said...

I will turn off.. coz that time I'm not at home lo.. hehehe
But only light ah? how about others?? like fridge??

BeArLeOnG89 said...

I wish I could join this exciting event! But I couldn't =(

Xjion89 said...

[Borneo Falcon]
Definitely!!!!!!!! Let'do that 2gether!!!!

I am turning off everything , except for the fridge....hehe

Aiyo, u can still turn off the light mah!

Benny said...

Earth Hour is a mere publicity stunt

I READ with amazement and irony the efforts of WWF Malaysia to latch on to the Earth Hour event and all the celebrities, media and corporations that have come up in support.

It is amazing that people are so easily taken in by a mere publicity stunt that fails at the very essence. Turning off our lights for one hour on one designated day of the year to save our planet surely is a PR event at best.

It shames the thousands of devoted people, government bodies, scientists and environmentalists that have for years been working on finding real solutions to address this global concern. Malaysians should see past this gimmick by international NGOs and start changing their lifestyles. Surely we can be more proactive and not be fed by an agenda of international bodies.

Why don’t we implement power conservation programmes, ride public transport on certain days in a month, car pool, etc?

It is also ironic that the organiser, WWF Malaysia, up until very recently, did not even have a climate change programme to begin with when all others (even local groups and individuals) have been persistent in their pleas for Malaysians to take action.

Remember, our leaders signed the Kyoto Protocol and there has been concerted movement towards reaching solutions. Please let us all be enlightened and move away from celebrations and gimmicks.

Xjion89 said...

well, this is a good start! Simple as that(^^)

Benny said...

No cut in power during Earth Hour, says TNB

KUALA LUMPUR: Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) will continue to supply electricity during Earth Hour tomorrow.

Its president and chief executive officer Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh said some TNB consumers had thought that power supply would not be available during Earth Hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

“We received numerous calls from concerned customers enquiring whether electricity supply would be turned off this Saturday,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He said although TNB would not be shutting down operations during Earth Hour, the corporation was nevertheless in support of the event.

Earth Hour is an annual event that World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) started in Sydney in 2007 to get households and businesses to turn off non-essential lights for an hour to raise awareness on climate change. So far, 2,848 cities, towns and municipalities in 84 countries have pledged support for Earth Hour 2009.

On the local front, they included the Government, various non-governmental organisations, corporations and landmarks such as KL Tower, Petronas Twin Towers and Penang Bridge.

The event aims to demonstrate unprecedented solidarity and provide a visual global mandate that will put the heat on world leaders meeting at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December to write and possibly sign a follow-up agreement to the Kyoto Treaty.