Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Panmee Battles @Broga, Ipoh, and Serdang! (板面之战)

At this moment, it is already Chinese New Year! Oh yes, this year is this cute and adorable Rabbit Year! Time seems to be running in a faster pace for a 20 stmg guy! Yes, I am so old already(><)!!!! Anyway, with the hectic schedule during my CNY break, I feel so tired every day! Izit becoz I am old already? Or, am I that busy?

Anyway, like I said before, Year 3 is really not a honeymoon year! Project after project, my rosy complexion is ruined and my body is like a combination of ....duno what to say!~ There are so many stories I WANT TO tell, but, every time, it seems to be hindrance for me to do so~ Maybe is lackadaisical(><)!

Battles of The Panmee, I have prepared for so long. Yet, din really updated about this until the price already increased(><)! But, late better than never , right? Hehe, I am really full of excuses. Let's start the battle then! Before i started, I just want to say that I ngam ngam realised that I traveled three states in Malaysia just to eat Panmee~~Hahaha, super duper funny! (IPOH, PERAK; BROGA, NEGERI SEMBILAN; SERI KEMBANGAN, SELANGOR)!@@


panmee battle
This is quite famous at Broga. If you remember last time I introduced the Broga Hill and the temples (here), this stall is located at the market area. It is easily to be located~Summary:

Main dish: Panmee (I prefer dry 1) (4/6)
Special: ABC ice kacang quite nice (top pic) (5/6)
Others: Special Dishes according to the day (don't now still got anot><) (4/6)
Price: Still okay, not the cheapest (No. 3) (3/6)

Overall:  16/24 (copying 星光大道method to calculate)

 Panmee@Seri Kembangan, Serdang

panmee battle
Located at Bukit Serdang, this stall is also quite famous! Almost every day, customers are full at this area. Summary:

Main dish: Panmee (I prefer with soup 1) (5/6)
Special: Got lamen and also cincau drink (5.5/6)
Others: Omg, the fuchuk or the soy skin (lowest pic) is really niceeeeeeee!!! muz order!!!  (5/6)
Price: Reasonable (No. 2) (4.5/6)

Overall:  20/24

Panmee @ IpohJaya, Gunung Rapat
panmee battle

 One of the best panmee I ever tasted! It is located at IpohJaya, a deeper part of Gunung Rapat. Also, have to queue on Monday because got Pasar Malam that time. They will give you a little number plate! No joking! Summary:

Main dish: Panmee (I prefer with dry 1) (6/6)
Special: Don't order the drink over there, very lousy. The portion of the mee is large!!!^^ (4.5/6)
Others: If you order dry panmee, the soup quite nice also^^ (top pic) (4.5/6)
Price: Very Reasonable (No. 1) (5/6)

Overall:  20/24

From my analysis:
  • Broga version is actually okay. They offer different dishes to diversify the options(^^)
  • Serdang and Ipoh version have the same marks becoz Serdang offers other special dishes like fu chuk and cin cau drinks while Ipoh is stronger in price and also the panmee; however, the drinks at the kedai memang not nice!
After you all try all versions, share your thoughts toooooo(^^)!!!!~~

Before, I end my post!!!
Happy Chinese New Year
Rabbit Year



foongpc said...

Yummy pan mee! I like!! Have a happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit! : )

Xjion89 said...

thanks!!!Happy Chinese New Year!
hv a great rabbit year!^^

Nava.K said...

Pan Mee - I sort of enjoy the chillies more than the noodles itself, my fav outlets Myjojo and Face2face.

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, thanks for the recommendations^^