Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day (^^) At Chatime~

Wow, guys!!! Sorry for the 2-week-disappearance! After my ranting on job-searching (here), I have finally found myself a job (^^) (><). What a mixed feeling! Anyhow, since of my friends have started working, it is time for me to plan my future according! Yup, this is exactly 2 weeks since I start to work in KL. Despite having to pay an expensive lunch, I shall learnt how to save money as a working adult !!!! (^^)

Happy Malaysia Day !!!!
You know where is this?? Hahaha, it is Chatime! I wonder why Chatime become a phenomenal! After drinking it for several times, I started to spend less on this~ Perhaps, one month one cup (^^) No money liao~ I also heard that drinking pearl tea is fattening (@@) ~ Therefore, I have cut down a lot~

Still my favourite flour, despite I have tried numerous ~ Which 1 is your fav??? Just leave a comment of recommendation to me !!! (^^)

Anyhow, a big thanks for those who helped me looking for a job (^^) ~~~
Thanks again!!!! 

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