Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drealand Claypot 同煲同捞 @ Semenyih ~

Semenyih, was a place where I stayed for 5 years actually. It was such a secluded area back then. Until now, it is at its peak of development thanks to University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. As an alumni, it is good for me to introduce some places for nice food. 

The left one is the pumpkin pork ribs and the right one is the eggplant with meat pieces..Hahahaa, horrible translation. Anyhow, the taste of both dishes were quite okay. Not too flavoured for my taste!

The toufu with soy sauce was awesome. Not too oily too! The claypot soup was fine to me~ Despite a bit plain for my taste, however, for a less oily day, it is a pick of my day. (^^)

Only after I leave this place, I started to post about Semenyih. But, it is good. Because, while blogging about this places, occasionally it reminded me of the good old days. I didn't go to overseas to study at all; however, just like any other students, my life was filled with colourful moments along with true companions (^^)

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