Sunday, October 14, 2012

San Chai @ Bercham

Omg, I have been MIA for such a long time! The supporters of my bloggie seems to be reducing drastically (><) Anyhow, as a continual of my life story, the reason of being not able to update my blog is that I have finally terminated Streamyx. Haiz, currently, my place is really internet-less. I am back to Ipoh again! This time, I have found pictures 2 years ago!!!! Yes, 2 years ago! So fast-nya, it feels like I am ageing quite fast...hahahahahah~

Here is restaurant another Ipohrian recommended. Well, since I am not staying at this area; therefore, I am not quite familiar. It is so sad that some friends said that I am not a Ipoh person, well, my real hometown is not exactly Ipoh. But, I have been staying Ipoh for so long. Due to my residence area, I am more familiar with nice food near my place. Thanks for the recommendation to my friend here. ^^

The good thing about Ipoh is that normal food also tastes quite good. The fried egg and bean sprout were simply fantastic to the taste buds. The portion was just ngam ngam!^^

Of course, the restaurant main dish is curry fish head!!! (^^) Yes, we ordered a nice pot! The pot had various of vegetable and nice fish head~ It was also not that spicy to my taste. Yup, just nice ^^

Can you believe this?! 2 years already (><) Until today, we really had gone separate path. But, I believe our path will cross in the future (^^) !!! ~~~

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