Saturday, October 27, 2012

Murni @ USJ9


Working life is so far so good ~ Due to no more internet connection at my KL home, I really can't update my bloggie as frequent as I used to. So many had happened in just few months, perhaps, I shall tell you the story next year??? Hahaha, because my bloggie currently is a place with old junk memory~  Funny as it is, it is really a nice place for me to find back my naiveness and passions (^^). This time around, I am going to post another foodie post; yes, basically My Little World should be renamed as My Foodie World

This outlet was located at USJ9 area!~ It was roughly a year ago during my summer break. It was the 1st time for me to take a van along with my teammates to send off our masterpieces. It was not easy!!!! ~ After that, me, yellow and KC just enjoyed the celebration of the ending. The restaurant was quite spacious!


The drinks were interesting! Each of them had interesting name. For the 1st one, it was I MISS YOU!!! Yes, so funny. For the milo, it is not just any Milo; it was named MILO BOMB!!!

The above was Napoleon Chicken! Yup, quite an interesting dish! But, it was not that good for people who are having sore throat. Then, it was the Roti Hawaii with nice mayo decor; a bit fattening. Overall, the restaurant was quite okay. I am not a big Mamak fan; so, I don't have strong liking. Nonetheless, it is still worth a try (^^)


Small Kucing said...

heard so much about this place but never been. There is one in SS2 but always crowded leh

Xjion89 said...

tried SS2 original outlet!
superb!!!~ will post later^^