Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Story of Si Kancil

The title of the post reminded me of History (Sejarah). I still remember the story of the prince Parameswara witnessed the brave Si Kancil fought cunningly with its foe. Anyhow, this post is totally unrelated! When I was so young, barely 10-year-old that time, I was amazed with a Kancil (Perodua) bought by my parents. 


Yup for than 10 years, it served 2 generation of people, perhaps 3 now. Kancil was my family car! Hahaaha, like the advertisement~ Anyhow, then, it was used by my sister (only a little), then my bro, then me~ It was the car I used to practice for my driving lesson! Ah, what nice memory! Will there ever be memory that nostalgic anymore?


Sadly, there is no more production of Kancil. Nonetheless, it was one of most affordable cars back then. I still think that Perodua is way better than Proton. As a national produced vehicle, Proton has yet to outwit, outbreak, outwin the monopoly circle. It had fallen back behind~ The reason it sustains because of its support, not its superiority in design and quality. Still, Proton people has yet to learn how to improve with the global development......How to compare to Ferrari,Toyota,.......


Back to my story, my parents decided to sell off Si Kancil. It was totally devastating. However, Myvi came into the picture now (Not the sports car above...hahahahah). Hopefully, some people who need this car will be beneficial from it (^^). It was surely the time to say goodbye~


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