Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fatt Ji @Semenyih


The 1st time I stepped foot in this restaurant for a friend birthday celebration. Oh yes, it seems that I always help my friend to celebrate birthday.Really no money already! Hope tat they will repay in the future..hohohoho~

Anyway, this post is intended for good food (^^)~ Located in Semenyih, an used-to-be ulu place (developing fast thanks Nottingham Malaysia), this little restaurant is just opposite the famous temple in Semenyih central!
The 1st dish was the taufu with meat pieces. Surprisingly, it was quite nice! Loving the steamy feel of this pic~


The fried pork was quite well done too! Despite a bit over-fried, it was totally fulfilling our tastebuds.!
As healthy people, we also ordered numerous of mushroom dishes with a lot of vegetables. Always meat, it will definitely sicken your tummies! So, take some veges as often as possible is good (^^)
I think this is a relatively short post ~~~ (><) It seems that my holiday will end soon. Need to settle all the personal stuffs and ready to start my new sem!!!! Wish me all the best (><)!!!



AJ said...

haha,good luck la!btw,dont post food bloggie la during midnight!u made me wanna eat liao :(
(clicked ur ads d :P click mine plsssss) lolz

Small Kucing said...

Good luck and a successful new semester to you.

Xjion89 said...

[AJ] hahaha, thanks for ur support^^!!!~~

[Small Kucing] Thanks for ur wishes ^^

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Xjion89 said...

Heyya,thanks for the compliment!^^
hope u visit more often 2~