Friday, September 16, 2011

Malaysia Best in Losing Skilled Talent~With "Good" Education System!

When you talk about Malaysia, it is beautiful and peaceful and all. But, yet, I still think that Malaysian government can do more. Just watched the NTV7 siasat, I must admit this show is getting better and better! More critical reviews are being shown to the public! This week, it was about the Malaysian youngsters studying in Singapore's government schools while still living in Malaysia! More info at here!

Malaysia already lost some fine talents @SPM and @STPM level. Now, with more children going to Singapore at such tender age, I believe Malaysia will be facing the talent shortage. Thus, at the end, foreign talents will be hired to work in Malaysia at a higher price!

  1. Everchanging of English and Malay Language as The Teaching Medium.
It is so tiresome to see our Education Ministry keeps on changing non-stop! If English is chosen, then stick with it! Now, after 5 years (how i know because I was the last batch learning in Malay), they go to change it again! Non-consistent education will only produce incompetent students. Instead of changing back to Malay, find solutions! Wonder why is it so difficult?

     2.  The Less Insured Placement in Local University.

You may be the top student in your school or even a top scorer in the Nation. Yet, you are not offered a place in the local university for the course you like like medicine, engineering, pharmacy....Now, fine if you can't secure a place due to average results. However, if you studied like a machine, scored straight As, you still couldn't get 1. This is definitely not your fault! The system in the local university might be biased. I can't really comment on that unless they show us the criteria on the students' selection. Then again, if result is not the part of it, what is? After seeing a lot of seniors suffered after scoring straight As in their STPM, I decided to enroll to a private university. A lot of them ended up in Singapore because Singapore appreciate talents! They even got scholarship to continue their studies there with a bond of course. But, isn't that great ?

     3. Competitive on Getting Scholarship
Malaysia's scholarships are hard to get! If you get 1, you really win a lottery. Yet, I still think the system in scholarship really not efficient. The government's criteria to find the scholars again are uncertain! In the end, a lot of full As students go on National TV to appeal their cases. Okay, it is fine if you said that results are not everything; that's why interview is required. However, I heard a lot of stories~~~

   4. University Level Education

Okay, if you are studying in University, I think English should be the main medium in teaching unless you are learning foreign language. However, from what I heard, it was not the case. Some of the lecturers conduct the teaching solely in Malays. Not that I am saying it is bad, you are loving your country. However, in term of teaching, you are actually educating the student to be less comprehensive in English~ Talking about the recent World university ranking, a government servant said that it is a bad influence to take notice of this rank! I said shut up~ From this ranking, you know your level! And, from there, it is never to late to improve it! How? I think should as the professional educator to solve it~ If not, why you hire them for the 1st place~
Just from a simple analysis, you would know that the Education system in Malaysia is still not effective enough to consider all the aspects! How will Malaysia strop lossing skilled talent? 

Solve the problem from the root! From our children! Start to learn from other countries' education system! Why are they more successful ?


Small Kucing said...

Government need to learn a lot on this area.

Xjion89 said...

absolutely~if not, the children will suffer the most!~

theeggyolks said...

Small Kucing ~ the same old government'll never learn =_=" sigh..

Xjion89 said...

it is nvr too late to learn and improve~

Kendra Bing said...

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Xjion89 said...

Thanks for dropping by^^

Bravebear said...

I agree on point 1 and 4. It's also very stressful to study when exams time coz suddenly malay, suddenly english... They think we are astro channel, can change channel anytime.

Xjion89 said...

true~i think students; heads spin like crazy!!!~