Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where's My Present Paper Game!

Since my depressed post on weight matter, it is time to brighten up my bloggie!!!! (^^)~~ Actually, not really...Well, this post is about my last semester assignment in Project Management!~ Basically, as chemical engineer, it is important to learn about management skills. Therefore, we were forced  happy to do a Paper Game for Christmas celebration. 

This was one of the most memorable assignments ever! Well, kinda painful to remember it! But, to me, any memories are good memories! We have to look back but no having hard feeling; instead we learn! Anyway, I know you all anxious to see the final product!


Where's My Present from The Seven Dwarfs 


When you open it, you will see this amazing layout! A big thanks to my groupmates!


Of course to find the present, the children need to travel the paths using the dices and players provided (^^)


The 1st person to reach the Christmas tree in the center will get some nice rewards!!!!~~

Despite the hardship in creating this product along with report and presentation, it was unforgettable to me and members. I think from this module, it opens me to another world of business. It widens my narrow thought on management....



Medie007 said...

interesting game. :D

Nava.K said...

Its so creative and I like it very much.

AJ said...

wah!u made this urself?!so unbelievable!

Xjion89 said...

[Medie007] hahahaa, thanks^^

[Nava.K] Thanks to my team and the designer.

[AJ] No lah, me and my groupmate worked 2gether ~~hahahah~~~

hcvvorld of Travels and Photography said...

back to uni life again hor..haha..and is important but u know la..technical minds, it's very hard to adapt to managemental topics..haha

anyway i've just posted again..been busy..hehe

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, can c u r busy lah~ U r oso a student 2 mah^^~ do drop by more!~