Saturday, September 3, 2011

Marco Pizza @ Opposite Kelana Jaya LRT!!!!~ (Pizza Battle 1)

After several boring posts about negative of KTM, it is time to move on! What is the best thing to do on Sunday?! Relax and chill, and definitely update my foodie bloggie! To date, some of my more popular posts are on food in Ipoh. Yup, I am from the heaven of good food. Anyway, today, not gonna talk about Ipoh food yet! Instead, I am gonna introduce you all a pizza shop called "Marco Pizza". The location is relatively easy to find which is just opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT.


Yup, as you can see from the pic, the atmosphere there was quite nice and comfy! Ok, the main reason why I wanted to try this restaurant was because I won RM60 vouchers for it! Yeah!!!!~ Seemed like my magical lamp (here) works pretty fine to me ~~~~So, I brought my mom and bro who were ngam ngam in town to join this feast. If not, I can't really finish the vouchers all by myself. 

The drinks we ordered were quite good actually (To my surprise). The mango puree wasn't too sweet with a lot of mango inside it. The cappuccino was really nice and came in large cup..hehehehehe~~~

I have to say this - their spaghetti were really nice tooooo~~ I thought it will be like not that tasty. The portion was also quite large too. 

Well, I am sure that you all can't wait to have a look at the pizzas we ordered right! Since they were the main highlight for this foodie post, we ordered 2 pizzas (Marco Pizza mah).
They were quite tasty! Actually, i would say that the flavouring for the pizzas were quite unique unlike what we tasted in Pizza hut. Therefore, my mom, bro, and I were really satisfied with the food. 


Atmosphere     : 4/5 (nice and clean)
                   Taste            : 4.2/5 (unexpectedly nice)       
                                                          Price           : 2/5 (without the vouchers, they really cost a leg!)     



AJ said...

I tot the price cost both leg!hahaha...lolz,joke

Borneo Falcon said...

I saw this outlet a few times. Maybe will try one day after reading this review

Xjion89 said...

[AJ] hahaha, quite expensive ooo~ with the voucher, it still cost us RM25++ more~~

[Borneo Falcon] hahaha, can go try it~ The price, may i warn you is quite expensive~

Small Kucing said...

saw this shop but never been inside coz not really fond of pizza. The most i can eat is one slice. If got kakis then can go wallop lo

Xjion89 said...

hahahaha, it seems a lot us ignore tis shop ooo~~cn gif it a try~~^^

Nava.K said...

Have noticed but did not try as I am not into pizza as its my once a while food. Hi, none of your pics are appearing,just says "photobucket", do check on this.

Xjion89 said...

Opz, thanks for the reminder!

Hmmm, how come a lot ppl just ignore this shop...hahahahah~